Friday, 16 June 2017

Mildred ‘Lindsay’ Munyikwa Exposes Married Men Pestering Her For PUNANI

Dancehall musician Mildred ‘Lindsay’ Munyikwa has revealed she is s*xy and is always pestered for s*x by married men. The upcoming musician said she started experiencing this challenge after releasing videos for songs off her debut album for Ndakasungwa and Kubvira Kunge Moto with men approaching her to pay for s*x.

“One thing I know about myself is that I am very se_xy and that is the reason why married men are now all over me. As you can see I have a seductive portable body and that is what most married men are after since most married women are overweight. A lot of these men who are pestering me for se_x got to know about me when I released my music videos. At first I wasn’t worried about it but I then realized it was getting worse when these men started offering me money. There is one businessman who even offered me $200 in exchange for unprotected se_x and up to now he is still insisting,” she claimed.

Despite being pestered by married men, Mildred said she doesn’t know why single men do not approach her.
Mildred ‘Lindsay’ Munyikwa Exposes Married Men Pestering Her For PUNANI
“One thing I don’t understand about this is the fact that no single guys are approaching me, as we speak I am single but it’s only married men who are after me. I am not sure if I need divine intervention or not or I just need to change my circles of interaction,” she said.

Mildred threatened to name and shame these married men who are pestering her for se_x in the event that they continue doing so.

“These people I am talking about are my fans that is why I did not rush to put their names in public. However, this is a stern warning I am now making, if any one of them continues asking me for se_x I will be left with no choice but to just expose them. I am a musician not a prostitute and my job is to entertain my fans with the music I sing not with my body through se_x,” she fumed. Mildred went in the spotlight after she revealed that she loved Soul Jah Love.

Source: H Metro

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