Friday, 16 June 2017

I Love You Tytan -- Olinda Chapel

I am sorry you have been dragged into all of this nonsense. You do not deserve a shred of this nonsense. Your love for me as been truly amazing.

I know it took something amazing from you to get a woman that had lost all trust to trust again. You have proven yourself at every turn. Being humble and being your own man. I wish there was a way I could remove these thorns in our lives.
I Love You Tytan -- Olinda Chapel
You are the voice that calms me down and always reminds me that lets do us. The world can see on my face what I call the #tyglow. You have me smiling and making me feel like superwoman. Your maturity and level of thinking truly defines you a man amongst men.

Don’t change. You are appreciated, I appreciate you. More so you know exactly where you stand in my heart. I love you, let it be known heaven and earth.

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