Sunday, 19 June 2016

Bogus lawyer arrested

A 39-YEAR-OLD man was arrested after he passed himself as a lawyer when he allegedly teamed up with his three other accomplices to dupe fitness trainer, Gerald Maguranyanga, in a botched commercial stand deal.

Michael Limosa, who is accused of conniving with Willard Jonhasi, Trymore Gata and Kudzanai Gurukumba to dupe Maguranyanga, appeared at the Harare magistrates’ court charged with fraud.

Jonhasi and Gata have since appeared in court facing same charges while Gurukumba is said to be on the run.

He was not asked to plead to the charges when he appeared before magistrate Tendai Mahwe who remanded him out of custody to June 29 on US$300 bail.

Prosecutor Peter Kachirika had it that sometime in January this year, Limosa connived with Jonhasi, Gata and Gurukumba to manufacture title deeds for a property they named No.909 Highlands Harare.
Bogus lawyer arrested
They reportedly took the manufactured documents to the Registrar of Deeds offices.

It is said that Limosa and his accomplices went to place an advert in a local daily newspaper saying they were selling the said property.
Maguranyanga exhibited interests in buying the stand after coming across the advert.

He phoned on the numbers provided on the advert and talked to Jonhasi who reportedly identified himself as Chigede.

Jonhasi is alleged to have told Maguranyanga that he was selling the stand on behalf of his uncle Kozanai Gurukumba for US$65 000.

He (Jonhasi) also reportedly told Maguranyanga that his uncle employed in the President’s office and was based in Bindura.

Jonhasi is said to have told Maguranyanga that his uncle was Minister Patrick Zhuwawo’s personal aide.

Prosecutor Kachirika had it that after some days Jonhasi phoned Maguranyanga using a SIM which was registered in Police Deputy Commissioner Levi Sibanda’s name and invited him to view the stand.

Reports are that they later went to view the stand and Maguranyanga was shown a title deed with Gurukumba’s name.

Jonhasi is alleged to have also introduced Limosa to Maguranyanga as a lawyer, who would prepare documents during the transactions.

Limosa is said to have lied to Maguranyanga that he was employed at Maganga and Company Attorneys.

Maguranyanga negotiated the price of the stand downwards to US$45 000 from the US$65 000 which it was being sold and Limosa and his accomplices agreed, according to the State.

Limosa is alleged to have prepared an agreement of sale, which Maguranyanga and Jonhasi signed.

Maguranyanga is said to have paid US$20 000 and agreed to pay monthly installments of US$700.
He also reportedly deposited US$3 000 in Cedric Zhaneiro’s bank account.

Limosa was arrested on June 14 this year and further investigations by the police revealed that the stand does not belong to Gurukumba.

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