Sunday, 19 June 2016

Drug peddler fined

A 52-year-old drug peddler was punished by the court after he was found with 30 grams of cocaine with a street value of US$2 400.

Tangayi Freddy Chigumbura, of Avondale, was fined US$400 for illegally possessing the dangerous drugs when he appeared before magistrate Elijah Makomo.

He also risks being jailed for six months if he fails to pay the fine by end of business today.

In addition, magistrate Makomo slapped Chigumbura with a wholly suspended six month jail term on condition that he does not commit a similar offence within that period.
Drug peddler fined
Chigumbura was arrested on June 12 at Avondale Shops where he was intending to trade his cocaine.

This was after detectives received information to the effect that Chigumbura was frequenting Avondale Shops where he was trading the dangerous drugs.

On the day in question, the 52-year-old drove his Mercedes Benz to Avondale Shops where he parked adjacent to the detectives’ car.

The detectives then approached Chigumbura and identified themselves before asking to search his car.

Chigumbura was searched and found with a sachet of containing cocaine stashed in his pocket.

He was arrested and the drug was taken for testing where it tested positive for cocaine.

Chigumbura was taken to court where he admitted to dealing in dangerous drugs before he was slapped with a US$400 fine.

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