Saturday, 18 June 2016

Man takes ex-wife’s inner garments

An ex-husband who stands accused of abusing and taking his ex-wife’s inner garments appeared before a Harare Magistrate on Thursday.

Cecilia Chikafo told the court that she separated with Charles Ngonzwe sometime in 2014 and he remarried. She alleged that Charles comes to her house to harass her.

She also accused him of abusing her verbally and physically thus she was appealing for a protection order.

“Charles and I separated in 2014 but he comes to my house and verbally insults me. He is destroying doors at my house as well as demanding rentals from my lodgers.

“He takes my inner garments in the house but I do not know the purpose he is taking them for,” she said.
Man takes ex-wife’s inner garments
In his response, Charles denied the allegations accusing his former wife as being an abuser during the time they were together.

“I do not agree to the allegations of abuse because I do not stay with her except that the house is mine.

“I left home because she used to abuse me physically with the help of her family. I have a court order pertaining to the issue of my house which she in not adhering to,” he said.

Magistrate Gamuchirai Sirwadi granted the protection order.

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