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Stunner escapes jail

Convicted rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme was yesterday spared jail and instead will have to perform 210 hours of community service for ne...

Convicted rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme was yesterday spared jail and instead will have to perform 210 hours of community service for negligently driving into four parked cars in the city centre resulting in two people sustaining injuries.

Harare magistrate Nomsa Sabarauta considered that Chideme had pleaded guilty to charges of driving without a licence and negligent driving.

Chideme was fined $150 or three months’ imprisonment for driving without a licence and six months’ imprisonment wholly suspended on condition he completes 210 hours of community service at Greendale District Offices.

“The accused person is a first time offender who pleaded guilty and didn’t waste the court’s time. He is a family man and sole breadwinner, therefore incarcerating him would be harsh,” Sabarauta ruled.

“The damages sustained by other vehicles after the accident were an indication that the accused person drove at high speed and negligently too.
Stunner escapes jail
“At all times a celebrity should strive to abide by the law because society looks up to him.”

Prosecutor Devoted Nyagano had no kind words for the musician and had urged the court to send him to jail.

“The accused person pleaded guilty not because of contrition but because he was aware that there was no way out since there is overwhelming evidence,”Nyagano said.

“He is a celebrity who is highly regarded by society and ought to have upheld the law and not driven without a licence.

“There is no proof that he repaired the said vehicles and if the court were to look into a local tabloid today he was photographed behind the wheel meaning he is not repentant.

“An example should be set because statistics of people driving without licences are on the rise and more people are losing their lives.”

On June 20 this year around 3pm, Chideme drove a Toyota Lexus, along Jason Moyo Avenue fully aware that he is not a holder of a driver’s licence issued in terms of the Act in respect of such a motor vehicle.

While driving along that road, Chideme lost control of his car and it veered off to the right side and hit four cars that were parked in a bay.

According to court records all the vehicles sustained serious damages after the accident.

As a result of the impact the fifth party’s vehicle hit Douglas Sachikonye who was on the pavement and sustained a fracture on the pelvis, and Norest Murugweni also sustained minor injuries.

Chideme’s car finally stopped after hitting a precast wall at Old Mutual Building and extensive damages were sustained.

He was negligent for travelling at a speed that was excessive in the circumstances, failing to stop or react reasonably when a collision seemed imminent.

Chideme also failed to keep a proper look out and maintain his vehicle under control.