Thursday, 15 June 2017

Zari Hassan’s ‘New Catch' -- We Are Just Friends

The man who found himself at the centre of a public row between Zari Hassan and her partner, Tanzania singer Diamond Platnumz has spoken out about his relationship with the socialite.

Edwin Lutaaya is a struggling musician based in South Africa and is believed to be a cousin to the late Ivan Ssemwanga.

He was part of the entourage of Ugandans based in South Africa that attended Ssemwanga’s burial last month in Kayunga.
Edwin Lutaaya (extreme left) pictured at the burial of the late Ivan Ssemwanga in Kayunga recently. Photo b Musa Ssemwanga
“We are just friends with Zari and her three sons call me uncle and it has been like this for years even when the late Ivan was still alive” Lutaaya said.

“On Sunday after Church (at Rhema Bible Church) in Randburg, Pretoria, we decided to meet like a family at Soultic Spa and it’s here that we met with Zari” he said.

It’s from this Spa that a picture of him and Zari cosying up was taken and posted on one of singer and Zari’s partner Diamond Platnumz’s Instagram account.

The image and the caption that accompanied it caused a stir on social media and garnered over 30,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Zari was forced to clear the air by posting a picture to explain that it was taken by Lutaaya 's wife and that they were not lovers. ​

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