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John Cena, AJ Styles Must Go Separate Ways After WWE Money in the Bank Match

Moments into the clash between John Cena and AJ Styles at WWE Money in the Bank, with the crowd chanting and the arena buzzing, it was clear that this was no ordinary match.

With that in mind, WWE can't proceed with the standard script as the feud continues. Delaying the rematch will better harness the power of Cena vs. Styles II.

Leading up to Sunday's pay-per-view, WWE rightfully talked this up as a dream bout. This was a meeting of two franchise players for their respective promotions, a showdown between two of the industry's top big-match performers.

The first-time nature of the contest made it special, can't-miss, Money in the Bank's true main event regardless of its placement on the card.

Cena and Styles then delivered a thriller. The guys at the New Age Insiders podcast tweeted, "John Cena vs. AJ Styles has been everything fans could have hoped for and then some." Voices of Wrestling's RichKraetsch wrote, "I absolutely adored this story and match."

Add more buildup, let these two go at it again and end the bout in more decisive fashion. The results promise to be momentous.

As The Tag Rope magazine tweeted, it feels like the best is yet to come:
John Cena, AJ Styles Must Go Separate Ways After WWE Money in the Bank Match
The opening salvo to Cena/Styles lived up to expectations, confident the best is yet to come

P.S. AJ Styles beat John Cena get down on it 🙏— The Tag Rope (@tagropemag) June 20, 2016

But if WWE's usual pattern holds, the next chapter of this story won't get the proper stage it deserves. Rather than the company treating it like a match for the ages, part two of this tale will feel more ordinary that it should.

Many rivalries follow the same blueprint. Three clashes happen over the course of three consecutive pay-per-views, often with the last one being billed as the rubber match.

That's the route WWE went with Cena vs. Kevin Owens last year andCena vs. Bray Wyatt the year before that.

If WWE sticks to that pattern, these two will meet again at Battleground, an event with just three years' worth of history and only minimal prestige. The followup would happen at SummerSlam.

Indy wrestler Gran Akuma believes that this feud is befitting of aSummerSlam stage:

Cena/Styles was stellar. I'm not even mad at the finish, because it means more matches like that. A SummerSlam level feud for sure.— Gran Akuma (@__AKUMA) June 20, 2016

Notice that he didn't mention Battleground. Cena vs. Styles' dream-match quality will suffer if it happened at that PPV. And to go a step further than Akuma, this rivalry is a perfect fit for WrestleMania, far and away WWE's most massive show each year.

Bucking the routine and having Cena and Styles' narrative diverge until then would be a wise move.

That would emphasize how special it was to see these two stars meet in the same ring. Rather than place them in the expected slots in a booking-by-the-numbers routine, WWE should space out Styles and Cena's collisions to make this first one feel like Halley's Comet.

WWE's announcers talked again and again throughout the bout that fans had waited 15 years to see this battle.

That wait is a major part of why it felt so big from the get-go, why nothing Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins could do during the Money in the Bank buildup could prevent them from being overshadowed byCena and Styles.

Why not make fans wait again? Build more anticipation. Make sure the audience is ready to explode for the sequel instead of just giving it to fans right away.

With Raw and SmackDown set to become separate brands in July, keeping these two Superstars apart until WrestleMania 33 or beyond will be as easy as drafting them to different shows.

Cena can rebound from the loss at Money in the Bank be beating his fellow SmackDown stars. Styles can move to the top of the rankings on Raw, bragging about conquering the leader of the Cenation.

Having The Phenomenal One carry around a 1-0 record against Cenafor months on end is far more valuable than muddying the accomplishment should he lose at Battleground and/or SummerSlam.

The first Cena vs. Styles matchup was a masterpiece. WWE knows another classic is on the way when they meet again. It's better to have fans long for it, though.

A patient, outside-the-box approach will only add more voltage to a rematch that's sure to be electric.
Source: bleacherreport.net

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