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PICTURES - Jah Prayzah Now Dating Henrietta Rushwaya?

PICTURES of former Zifa boss Henrietta Rushwaya resting on the bosom of contemporary musician Jah Prayzah (real name Mukudzei Mukombe) have ...

PICTURES of former Zifa boss Henrietta Rushwaya resting on the bosom of contemporary musician Jah Prayzah (real name Mukudzei Mukombe) have surfaced, sparking speculation that the two are in a love affair.

Jah Prayzah, who is married to Rufaro, is captured having the time of his life with Rushwaya, who has since been labelled a cougar on social media.

A cougar is a colloquial word referring to a woman who seeks sexual relations with much younger men.

The pictures which made their way to Facebook and WhatsApp yesterday soon spread like a veld fire. On one of the images, Rushwaya is captured lying comfortably on Jah Prayzah’s stomach in what seems like a vehicle as the two smile for the camera.

In another picture, Rushwaya – a single woman – is pictured in a Jah Prayzah beret, covering a giggle, while in another Jah Prayzah looks as if he is zipping up his military pants while facing a mirror in a bedroom. The last one shows Jah Prayzah dressed in his military regalia, covering his face while seated on a dressing table seat.
Jah Prayzah Now Dating Henrietta Rushwaya
It is however not clear when the pictures were taken though they seem quite recent because of Jah Prayzah’s head gear and his military attire.

This is not the first time that the two have been rumoured to be seeing each other as the Internet once went haywire in 2013 after they were frequently spotted together in public. They were seen at a popular shopping complex as well as a musical show at Jazz 105 in Harare where they looked too cosy for comfort. Jah Prayzah was then spotted driving Rushwaya’s Range Rover, leaving many speculating.

The recent picture leak has left many with no option but to believe the allegations. This is not the first time that Rushwaya has been rumoured to be dating younger men as she was once said to be seeing a former Warriors captain. Rushwaya was from time to time spotted driving the former player’s cars. Jah Prayzah on the other hand has not been spared from allegations of falling for older women who have often landed him in trouble.

Dubbed the man-of-the-moment because of his successful Jerusarema album and recent performances which have wowed many, Jah Prayzah somehow seems to have disappointed followers if their comments on the Rushwaya saga are anything to go by.

“I’m disappointed in Mukudzei Mukombe (Jah Prayzah). Why would he denigrate his wife by posing for a compromising picture with this shameless old woman. I find this picture detestable,” posted social media user who uses Hahahaha as their name.

Other die-hard fans were quick to defend Jah Prayzah urging others not to rush into concluding that Rushwaya was seeing a married man.

“To think he has a beautiful wife. However, we don’t know the full story, maybe his wife took the picture,” posted DrmurozviPhdZimEconomics.
“She’s probably just a fan. Henrietta plays with big boys. Jah Prayzah is too young for her.”

Another posted: “l grew up with Mukudzei in the same ghetto in Budiriro. I know him very well. There’s no way he could be hooking up with this sugar mummy. Mukudzei is a man of integrity and his moral values are excellent. A very down to earth guy.”
Jah Prayzah and Henrietta Rushwaya
Others however lambasted Rushwaya: “Iiiii gogo muri kuitei nemwana kikiki (Grandmother what’re you doing with a child),” posted Melissa Dlamini.

“Chembere nevana vadiki hazvisiyane chokwadi (The truth is the old and young never part),” said Jaziri Kadiki.

Efforts to get a comment from the two alleged lovers were fruitless as Jah Prayzah’s mobile phone was on voicemail, while his manager – Keen Mushapaidze’s phone rang unanswered. Rushwaya on the other hand was unreachable.