Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Prophet Wars Take New Twist

The UFIC advert saga took a new twist as fresh information coming in reflects that Mr. Enford Tendai Mberi who fraudulently flighted an advert in the daily news purporting to be a Son of Makandiwa, is a full-time member of PHD ministries and personal graphic designer of Magaya, who he uses to design PHD Ministries’ material.

The investigating team, accessed pictures on social media, which shows Mr. Mberi wearing PHD T-shirt and a number of the pictures he wore PHD wristbands.
Prophet Wars Take New Twist
One member of the PHD ministries sent an email to our news team and gave information on conditions of anonymity, was annoyed by the fact that Admire Mango the PHD spokesperson denied knowledge of Mr. Mberi in the press.

The person then provided a photo of Mberi and his close friend only known as Combination, which was taken recently in Magaya’s office. Another picture of Mberi and Mango was also provided and iHarare will post it if Mango keeps denying knowledge of Mberi.;- see pic below:

People from PHD contacted by our news team confirmed that Mberi is a member of PHD and has a close relationship with Magaya to an extent that he gets access to personal meetings with him. One such meeting was reportedly held a day before the advert was published and our source recorded the short meeting in which shocking details about the advert saga was discussed.

More information to follow as the investigations continue.

Source: Online

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