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Distraught Husband Discovers Wife’s Multiple Affairs By Reading Her Facebook Messages – After 10 Years Of Marriage

A man discovered his wife of ten years had a string of lovers and a long-term boyfriend after she accidentally left her Facebook open one night.

Seth Megow, 33, revealed how his fairy-tale life crumbled after he discovered his wife, Crissy, was cheating on him.

Seth, from Georgia in the USA, says the first eight years of marriage were “pure bliss”, after the couple married when they were 19.

He told “It was a truly serene relationship filled with joy and trust.

“We fell in love, worked our way through college together, went on adventures, volunteered in the community side by side, had four beautiful kids, bought a home together, had an extremely healthy physical intimacy, counselled other young married couples and supported each other’s dreams.

“When I say there was a lot of trust, I’m underselling it.”

But after eight years, he began to pick up on little changes in wife’s behaviour, such as her staying out late, paying for things in cash and changing all her passwords.
Distraught Husband Discovers Wife’s Multiple Affairs By Reading Her Facebook Messages – After 10 Years Of Marriage
The dad to Stevie, Neela, Titus and Olive said: “Something just felt off.

“We were still going strong. In my mind, I figured it was just the stress of work, raising four kids, or our new home that was giving me these flickers of concern.

“She was in avoidance mode, and I was in detective mode.”

He says things gradually deteriorated, and Seth was stuck in a “tug of war” between his head and his heart.

The dad-of-four said: “After a few months of this, things took another negative turn when she stopped coming home at night.

“It’s easy to say looking back that I should have just let her go then.

“But at that point I still had some trust left in her.

“If she said she wasn’t having an affair, then she wasn’t.”

For Seth, the truth came out one night when Crissy left her Facebook open, and he read countless messages which proved she’d had numerous one-night-stands, and also a long-term boyfriend.

Crushed, his “blood boiled” as he began talking to the men she’d slept with, and he knew it was the end.

He said: “So now both my head and my heart knew the truth.

“She shared much more than her body… she shared her heart. That’s what hurts the most about affairs.”

Cheating website Ashley Madison revealed they have at least 2,000 members, who join the site actively looking for affairs.

More than half of its clientele claim intimacy had gone in their current relationship, and 60 per cent saying communication had broken down.

Seth reflected over the time they’d spent together, how they’d spent years “pouring love, life, encouragement and hope” into each other.

He said: “I was the one who stayed up late helping her with her college coursework because she struggled with math.

“It was me who woke up in the middle of the night, placed the babies at her breast to eat then burping them and changing their diaper so she could sleep.

“I’m the one would work in a burning hot warehouse loading trucks to support the family, so she could finish her Master’s Degree.

“I was the one who had been there through thick and thin for years and years.

“If my closest friend in the world didn’t see the value in me, why would anyone?

“My self-worth and self-confidence bottomed out. I was a total wreck.”

He tried to make the marriage work – although ended the physical part of their relationship – but eventually, he granted her the divorce she wanted.

Seth, who shares his life on his blog Who Put my iPad in the Dishwasher? got the kids, while she “got her freedom”.

Now a single dad for four years, he said: “I got the kids. She got every other weekend with them and her freedom.

“Now to be fair, she had been an amazing mother for a long time.

“We discussed that hopefully one day in the future, once she found healing, she would feel more comfortable with a greater role in their lives.”

By Rebecca Flood | The Sun |

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