Friday, 6 April 2018

Cameroon Prohibits The Sale Of Firearms and Ammunitions In Six Regions

Business in Cameroon - On April 4, Paul Atanga Nji, the minister of territorial administration published a statement announcing that the sale of firearms and ammunition was prohibited in Adamaoua and in the Central, Coastal Western, Northwestern as well as Southwestern regions till further notice. 

The statement also informed that all the armories in those regions would be closed.

According to the statement, the proliferation and illicit circulation of firearms and of their ammunition took new proportion recently and constitutes a real threat to the public order. Therefore, the officials in the said regions are advised to perform an exhaustive inventory of the stocks of weapons and ammunition in the armories as well as the outstanding orders.
Cameroon Prohibits The Sale Of Firearms and Ammunitions In Six Regions
Let’s note that even though the decision has been enacted for six regions, it looks like one of the government’s solutions to the security situation in the two Anglophone regions and in the Adamaoua.

Indeed, in Adamaoua, kidnappers have been regularly abducting the shepherds’ relatives that they only release after ransoms are paid. In the two Anglophone regions, on the other hand, armed groups, formed following secessionist claims, have been assassinating both the defense forces and the high officials positioned in those regions.

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