Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Cameroon - Football / Tombi A Roko: "Samuel Eto'o Is Able To Train As José Mourinho or Carlo Ancelotti"

Guest of the Algerian radio "Beur-FM" last Sunday, the president of the Cameroonian football federation has not laced of praise to the former captain of the indomitable Lions.

Last Sunday, Tombi A Roko was live, from Yaoundé, on the Algerian radio Beur-FM. The opportunity was given to the boss of Cameroonian football to speak on the recent decisions of the Confederation of African Football to change the formula of the final phase of the African Cup of Nations. The president of FECAFOOT also spoke about the preparations for the next edition that Cameroon is hosting in June-July 2019.

But, the subject that will have attracted the most attention of journalists and the Algerian public, is the ambition of Samuel Eto'o to train a large European club. Last March, in an interview with BBC Africa, the legendary Cameroon striker, Samuel Eto'o son, said he does not intend to break away from football after his rich career as a footballer.
Cameroon - Football / Tombi A Roko: "Samuel Eto'o Is Able To Train As José Mourinho or Carlo Ancelotti" 
The man with the 56 achievements with the Cameroonian selection intends to trade his crampons against the costume of coach: " I think I gained a lot in the stadiums and that my duty would be to transmit all this experience. I tried for a few months the role of coach and I can play a team, "said Samuel Eto'o.

A worthy ambassador of Africa through the Old Continent, the man who won everything in Europe and who has won the hearts of the fans of the ball now wants to tackle another major challenge: " My dream is d To be the first African coach to train a great European team, "said the top scorer in the history of the CAN.

" As my fellow Samuel Eto'o Fils said, he aims to be the first African to train a large professional club in Europe. It is a strategy; He put the strategy in place and is convinced that in the years to come he will have to be the precursor of this new vision. That's why I, as a Cameroonian president of the federation, encourage him, "said Tombi A Roko.

" I'm sure Samuel Eto'o, coach of a big club in Europe, will be one of the first victories of African football. It must be shown that Samuel Eto'o was a very great player. He made the happiness of the big European clubs. It has allowed the major European clubs to win world cups. A very great African player, who showed on the field through his practice, his way of playing, his behavior that he is a very big gentleman, "he continued.

For Tombi A Roko, " he (Samuel Eto'o, Editor's note) is able to train like José Mourinho or Carlo Ancelotti ". Cameroon - Football / Tombi A Roko: "Samuel Eto'o Is Able To Train As José Mourinho or Carlo Ancelotti" 

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