Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Cameroon - Amnesty Report - Accused Of Destabilizing Cameroon, Amnesty International Denies

Amnesty International speaks of calumny. In an interview with the Hurinews site, some extracts of which have been taken up by La Nouvelle Expression published on 1 August 2017, Aioune Tine, director of West Africa and Central Africa NGO, refutes the allegations of the Spokesman's spokesperson. 

Government of Cameroon. Issa Tchiroma, who said that Amnesty is an organization that wants to destabilize Cameroon.

A game of ping-pong! This is the game played by the Cameroonian government and Amnesty International since the publication of the latest report of the NGO that pinpoints our country. On 20 July 2017, Amnesty issued a report entitled " Secret Chambers of Torture in Cameroon: Violations of Human Rights and War Crimes in the Fight against Boko Haram" .

In the document, the NGO reveals the existence of several places of violation of human rights in Cameroonian territory in the framework of the fight against the terrorist nebula. A report that strongly displeased Yaounde. In a muscular outing, Issa Tchiroma , the government spokesman, went as far as to say that Amnesty plays the game of terrorists.
Cameroon - Amnesty Report - Accused Of Destabilizing Cameroon, Amnesty International Denies
"Continuing in its logic of protecting terrorist interests, Amnesty International undertakes to retaliate to discourage it, the cooperation that armies of friendly countries bring to our country," said the Minister of Communication. At this level Issa Tchiroma was referring to Amnesty's request to Western governments, including the United States, to investigate possible links between torture and their armies.

Accused, Amnesty was quick to react. Director West Africa and the NGO the Center gave an interview to the website Hurinews 31 July 2017. In this interview excerpts of which are published by La Nouvelle Expression published on 1 stAugust Alioune Tine rejects allegations Government of Cameroon and maintains the position of the NGO.

Alioune Tine

"I expected a reaction in which the Cameroonian government would try to refute the results of Amnesty International's research on the basis of serious counter-arguments and solid and concrete evidence. Unfortunately this was not the case. I would add that Amnesty International has on several occasions given the government an opportunity to respond to its allegations. But the authorities never reacted.

Then, from May 20 to 26, 2017, I myself led an Amnesty International delegation to Yaoundé to gather the public's opinion on the findings of our research which, as I said, were not yet published. But no member of the government agreed to meet us despite the many requests for hearings sent before our trip. Worse, the authorities banned a press conference planned by Amnesty International in Yaoundé on 24 May, during which we intended to submit letters and petitions from more than 310,000 signatories from all over the world, President Paul Biya to release three students sentenced to 10 years in jail, only for exchanging a joke on Boko Haram by SMS.

Throughout our research, we have asked to meet with the President of the Republic, the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Communication, the Minister of External Relations and members of the security forces . Only the Minister of Communication and the Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense agreed to receive us in February 2017. Faced with a detailed description of the torture practices in question, the representative of the Ministry of Defense stated that they Were not torture, but merely "thorough exploitation." We are not there to demoralize the Cameroonian army. The facts documented by Amnesty International should instead lead to actions to improve the functioning of the army. Cameroon - Amnesty Report - Accused Of Destabilizing Cameroon, Amnesty International Denies

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