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Why CAF Need To Summon, Charge Zim Warriors And Philip Chiyangwa

Zifa, under Philip Chiyangwa has probably committed the worst atrocities to the most beautiful game without a doubt. Many have been of t...

Zifa, under Philip Chiyangwa has probably committed the worst atrocities to the most beautiful game without a doubt.

Many have been of the rather absurd belief that Cuthbert Dube must have been the worst thing to happen to local football but now all that pales in comparison to the current crop of both players and leadership at Zifa.

The new administration has a different special kind of atrocity however different from ole’ Dube’s.

And the most telling evidence of that came in poignant fashion this past weekend when the nation and Zifa, under Chiyangwa, and the Warriors, under Norman Mapeza and captain Knowledge Musona, hosted the Lone Stars of Liberia.

It was set to be an epic encounter.

Liberia have a chequered history in both social and political terms.
Zifa President Philip Chiyangwa
They suffered intolerable pain ever since that nation of freed American slaves, came into formal being.

Most notable is how Liberia has suffered as a result of the first and second civil war in that country which claimed close to 1 million lives in total with the nation only knowing peace much recently.

Add to that knowledge a fact of the social fabric of Liberia. Football has been the soothing spirit of that nation and their biggest name, George Weah, became a beacon of hope in a nation with a very dark civil history.

And Mother Nature has not been too kind either. Ebola recently also left its mark and again tested the resolve of this resilient nation leaving more suffering in its wake.

And so it definitely must have been another crime under International Law that Chiyangwa’s boys, went on to unleash another reign of terror against the country of the freed after massacring them in a 3-0 demolition at the National Sport’s Stadium. If that was not a cruel crime then only the heavens can describe what would qualify as a one.

And in modern warfare, it is common knowledge that anyone captured alive who surrenders becomes a prisoner of war.

But not for the cruel Warriors in their most recent battle. They took no prisoners and left destruction in their wake.

And they did all that smiling sadistically, in a smile captured by the haunting beauty of a smile unleashed thrice by their footballing-war-criminal in chief, one Knowledge Musona. They even call that boy the smiling assassin. All the way from Belgium. And for what? To terrorise the weary lads from West Africa?

Empathy is a human trait. But not for the warriors. They did not seem at all sorry for their opponents as they kept shooting without relenting.

And even as the sun set on the giant National Sports Stadium the bloodthirsty Zimbabweans were not satisfied. Philip Chiyangwa was captured live on television raising his palm after the third goal seemingly saying ‘we want five to go past the Liberian goalkeeper!’

Is that even sportsmanlike? Demanding five goals while others suffer? But Phidza did not seem to care. Neither did Norman Mapeza who kept leaping like a cruel general every time his chief marksman hit the target.
Lethal Strategist ... Team coach Norman Mapeza
Neither did the crowd who kept cheering and egging on their Warriors.

Nor did Knowledge Musona, who kept somehow finding the target.

At the end of the day the poor Liberians were left decimated. While it is called the beautiful game it certainly wasn’t pretty for Liberia.

This sort of perfection and precision certainly should be illegal. Should be investigated at the very least. How do you beat your opponents into submission like that? Is it even legal?

But anyway, the Zimbabweans left smiling like their captain. They hadn’t smiled in a while. Perhaps that is mitigation enough.

“We butchered Liberia because we wanted Zimbabweans to smile.” Perhaps that is a reason the International Criminal Court can accept and acquit the Warriors.

It was sweet beauty. Divinity in footballing motion. And it was all in a day's work!

Robert Mukondiwa Is A Private Citizen, Author of The Judas Files, Journalist, Media Anthropologist. Media Strategist. Thinker - Robert Mukondiwa.
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