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Seh Calaz Fiancée Whipping Pregnant With Irony

Seh Calaz is an amazing young chanter and has captured the imagination with his phenomenal growth and rising stardom. The Zimdancehall star...

Seh Calaz is an amazing young chanter and has captured the imagination with his phenomenal growth and rising stardom. The Zimdancehall star has impressed especially with new didactic lyrics that build society. 

Which is why the news that he had beaten to pulp his erstwhile fiancée and radio personality Eric Knight’s daughter was a painful truth to swallow.

The irony was not lost in that Seh Calaz had also penned a song which celebrates love and discourages domestic violence entitled Usamurove, (Do not beat her up) for which he had received a lot of love and attention.

And yet like trained militia, Seh Calaz had taken his woman by her head, lodged her head between his legs and pummeled Moira so bad that the evil of Hitler’s army would seem like a day with a group of flowers girls compared to a day with Seh Calaz’s fists.

It was a hiding one can only train for in a military battalion of genocidaires!

There is another twist of irony in that no one really knows why he has suddenly become this violent after appearing to be a level headed defender of the fairer beautiful sex.

Perhaps he was jealous that his fiancée had a better looking hairstyle than his? After all Seh Calaz usually dons a hairstyle that would leave women green with envy and perhaps didn’t want the competition from Moira?

But certainly if that was the case he should at least have just ASKED his girlfriend for her hairdresser’s number and he would have been also looking stunning in an hour or so than resort to violence.

And to beat up his girlfriend and leave bruises that look as if they had been inflicted by knives; is that what he possibly will REALLY be referring to when he says ‘Cheq cheq’?
Seh Calaz and Moira on engagement day
But on a serious note though, it is interesting that Seh Calaz will also be playing at Andy Muridzo’s birthday party next Sunday at Jazz 24/7.

Andy doesn’t beat up women. He has his own special way which leaves them satisfied. He could teach the chanter about being a decent man to the ladies. But sadly he will also be playing at the birthday party alongside fellow woman basher Gary Tight.

The hope and prayer is that the organisers make sure these two do not sit close to each other as it may become as case of bad meets evil.

We don’t want Gary Tight getting the advanced notebook on how to beat up women from his more experienced Mbare wife-bludgeoner.

Let us hope Seh Calaz repents. After all his music was fast becoming sweeter and the world class videos he has just released are warm and beautiful. Hopefully he repents and desists from the intolerable habit of violence against women. It is a pretty Stone Age habit reserved for cowards.

And finally, the news that Moira ‘still loves’ Calaz is sad and a step back for womenfolk for as long as women ‘forgive’ domestic violence it shall always be difficult to address by observers. And the same happened in the case of Gary Tight.


Robert Mukondiwa Is A Private Citizen, Author of The Judas Files, Journalist, Media Anthropologist. Media Strategist. Thinker - Robert Mukondiwa.
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