Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Sanyangore Exposed -- Zimbabwe Pastor Who Claimed To Have God’s Contact Number Betrayed By Own Brother

The pastor of Victory World International- Pastor Paul Sanyangore who claimed to have God’s contact number has been exposed by his own cousin – Andy Zimunya.

Andy revealed to H-Metro that 80% of his brother’s miracles are all fake and goes ahead to prove them.

Andy says his brother owes him huge sums of money for all the services he has offered at the Victory World International church.

He reveals the curvy work he did under the instructions of the pastor.

He admits that the pastor will tell him to book people on prayer line and thereafter collect their names so that he can use them accurately when giving his fake prophecies in order to amaze his followers.

Andy goes on that Pastor Sanyangore has been threatening his mother and himself since he promised to expose his fake prophecies.

He adds on that since then the pastor has instructed some unknown persons to call him ‘Andy’ not to dare disclose the fraudulent nature of the pastor.
Pastor Paul Sanyangore
HOW PASTOR SANYANGORE WALKED ON WATER EXPLAINED. Andy also exposes detailly how the pastor dubbed the world of him walking on water.

He says the pastor worked with a professional photographer know as Fatso whom told the pastor how to make his water walking work-out perfect.

Fatso told the the pastor to walk on a piece of cloth and he later on edited the cloth to look like water in the video.

Pastor Sayangore never ever in his life received any phone call from God. It was all a setup with Tech Matz. Said Andy.

Andy adds that the pastor even used his phone to answer the fake call.

The pastor haven’t commented on this matter yet and says he won’t fight his own brother on Press. He is silent on the matter.

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