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Jean Gasho -- I Never Believed There Was Such A Thing As Witchcraft Until …

Following my last article on why I was no longer going to be kind to relatives, I received touching messages from people who have been in s...

Following my last article on why I was no longer going to be kind to relatives, I received touching messages from people who have been in similar situations.

However what stood out to me was people who reported to have had curses put on them by relatives they had been helping which resulted in bad luck happening to them, shifting the poverty from the relatives to them instead.

I thought I would share my own personal experience on witchcraft and curses.

I never used to believe there was real witchcraft until summer 2005. I had a crazy paranormal experience that left me believing that maybe witches could be real. Before this paranormal experience I was rather an agnostic and sometimes I would be an atheist. But after one night in June 2005, my views on spirituality took a dramatic turn.

By Jean Gasho
When I was growing up in Africa, I once heard that if a witch visits you in the night, and you catch her, she will surely come to your house first thing in the morning. I never paid attention to this saying, until it kinda happened to me, not in Africa, but here in the UK.

On that night, my ex-husband went on a night shift, so I was home alone with my baby. The house was rather big, and I was afraid of the dark still. Whenever I was home alone, I would sleep downstairs in the living room, as I was afraid of upstairs.
Jean Gasho
Around 3 am I woke up to use the toilet. We had a downstairs toilet so I didn’t need to go upstairs. When I came back into the lounge from the toilet, I thought I heard footsteps upstairs.

I became so scared and tried to convince myself that the footsteps were not real.

‘Its all in your head Jean, there is no one in the house’, I tried to comfort myself.

The footsteps then stopped. There was complete silence. It was as though the person could read my mind.

As I sat there shivering, I thought to myself, let me switch on the television, that would distract me.

As I was about to reach for the remote control, the footsteps started again. More defined and even quicker. I heard the footsteps coming down the stairs. There was a rush of wind, like a force accompanying the footsteps.

This was not sleep paralysis, I have had that before and I know what it feels like. This was not a dream either. I was fully awake and conscious. I had just returned from the toilet and I had not even tucked myself in.

Before I knew it, whatever it was, it came on my back and started to strangle me.

I thought I was dying.

So I prayed. That was the only thing I could do.

The more I prayed the more it got aggressive. So I then stopped being scared and realised I had to fight back.

Then after what seemed like a lifetime, the thing let go of my shoulders.

There was only one dim light on, so I saw its shadow on the wall.

It was like a human being, but with long wings. It flew away, and as soon as it left the house, I felt free.

The first thought was to call my ex-husband at work. I held my phone to dial, but something told me not to call him. So I didn’t. For some reason, for that moment I had no faith in him.

I always thought I was a very weak person, but that night was the first time in my life I ever felt I was strong and brave. I told myself I will survive till morning. I remember whispering or rather shouting, ‘Whoever you are, you are a coward. Why come in my house in the night? Coward!’

As I lay there, shaken, watching the clock on the wall, I could not go back to sleep. I just held my baby, thanking God that I had survived.

At around 5 am, to my surprise, my phone rang.

It was my ex-husband. He never ever called me at such an odd hour. Never.

He sounded as though something had happened.

‘Jean, she has just called me, she wants to come over first thing in the morning to see you’.

I could not believe what I was hearing.

So that African saying struck me, ‘If a witch visits you in the night, and you catch her, she will be on your doorstep first thing in the morning.’

‘I don’t want her to come. She doesn’t even like me, she never comes to visit me. She doesn’t even eat my food, so why today?

‘She wants to come and offer sacrifices of prayers for you.’

‘I do not need her prayers. Do you know I have been up since 3 am. I almost called you. I got attacked by something in the night. Right now I am still in shock. If you have any ounce of respect for me as your wife, you will tell her that today is not a good day, certainly not early in the morning’.

‘Okay she won’t come’, my ex-husband reassured me and hung up.

But to my shock, at around 8 am in the morning, she was on my doorstep knocking.

She never used to smile to me. But this morning she was smiling from ear to ear.

She never used to eat any food I cooked as she accused me of being a witch, but I offered her food and that morning, she ate.

She kept telling me that I was very lucky and God loved me. Her behaviour was very odd.

It was frightening.

That morning, as soon as she left my house, I told my ex-husband that I was not able to continue with the marriage anymore, I was terrified.

My ex-husband refused to even comment on what had happened in the night. The more I explained to him the ordeal I had been through, he just looked at me. As if he was keeping something from me. He did not seem affected or concerned about what I had experienced in the night.

He would not comment on her odd behaviour that morning either, he would just keep saying ‘She had come to offer sacrifices of prayers for you Jean’, and was silent on everything else.

‘When did she ever start praying for me? Why on the morning of this attack? She must have had something to do with what happened in the night surely! Say something. What have you got to say about all this?’

Still, my ex-husband gave me no answers.

I am not a great believer in mere coincidences. I believe every event happens for a reason and there is always meanings behind it.

So I packed my bags that very day, took my baby and left my matrimonial home. I was afraid of spending another night in the house.

Sadly my ex-husband talked me into returning to the marriage and after two weeks I found myself back in the matrimonial home.

I once narrated the June 2005 night ordeal to my Scottish friend, I wanted to hear a perspective of a non-African person, and she said it me, ‘She came in the morning to check if you knew it was her…’.

That is my ‘witchcraft’ experience. I may not know fully what happened that night and why she came to visit me early in the morning. But what I know is I overcame.

To my readers who wrote to me and believe that the relatives they used to help used juju/ black magic to cast spells on them so that bad things happen to them, maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. But good forces always overcome evil forces.

If witchcraft or curses worked, I would not have 5 beautiful children.

If witchcraft and curses worked, I would not have my Boaz who loves me to the moon and back, treating me like a queen every day of my life.

Just today my Boaz said to me, ‘You looked beautiful when you were sleeping…’

I now sleep like a baby, never again plagued with horror and fear of who or what may attack me in the night.

Whether witchcraft is real or not, my mind alone is more powerful than any evil force out there. No person in this world has the power to curse me or bewitch me. If anyone dares to try and curse me or bewitch me, their curses are always turned into blessings anyway. I am what I think. My spirit, body and soul does not allow any witchcraft on me. Jean Gasho
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