Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Tapang Ivo Tanku's May 20 Boycott Package -- A MUST READ

My biggest regret has been my astute civic loyalty in the 34-year regime. From my archives, I found some photos when I was between the ages of 18 and 22 in Cameroon.

- From my days in the University of Buea when I painstakingly dedicated my efforts to participate in the Judo all university games and nothing changed;

- From my days in the University of Buea when I braved all odds to participate in the May 20 celebrations and nothing changed;

- From my youthful days when I dared the biggest authorities; held them to account; and questioned power for their failed policies. Nothing changed;

Colonial PM Yang Philemon and Colonial Minister Robert Nkili, can be seen in these photos. They know me so well and they know that I am not the "extremist" they vaguely claim I am. Since age 17, I have always held all of them to account in the lion's den. They cannot deny that we have had phone conversations and personal office talks. Nothing ever changed.
Tapang Ivo Tanku's May 20 Boycott Package
It is time to take action and clear them off with their mess.

There are only two steps towards advocacy: Speaking out; Taking action. We have spoken and spoken and spoken. Now, it is time for ACTION. Let me be a terrorist for my enemies and a selfless freedom fighter for my people.

Good governance, democratic accountability, the rule of law MUST unconditionally prevail. May 20 is a USELESS day. We did champion its celebration and nothing changed. We did champion democratic elections at polling stations and nothing changed. Holding talks with Yang Philemon, Robert Nkili, etc., is useless. We need to forget about all these lame duck rulers and fight without asking for third-party interveners.

There is NO future for the youths in Cameroon in general. There is no future for the youths in Southern Cameroons in particular. There is only one future - the State of Southern Cameroons.

In my opinion, I know where we can cripple the regime and kill the system. Focus on the ground game and carry out your own actions irrespective of which group leads or not. You are the leader. I am the leader. We are the leaders.

General Ivo

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