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Can Tapang Ivo and Mark Bara Render Authentic Accounts and End Kiki Bandy's Career

Dear Mr. Tapang Ivo Tanku, I write to you with a heavy heart! Your excellency Sir, I crave your indulgence to read till the end. This is no...

Dear Mr. Tapang Ivo Tanku, I write to you with a heavy heart! Your excellency Sir, I crave your indulgence to read till the end. This is not a beef or dissing letter, but a calling to order letter. They say, “Open Rebuke is better than secret love”. 

You stand for advocacy, calling of Authority and power to order, and public accountability; for these so far, us, Southern Cameroonians applaud you and see you as a worthy son of the soil. and permit me this day Sir, as a remnant of level minded Southern Cameroonians, to implement your core principles of being a solution oriented critique.

Critiques & Solutions: 10 Reasons Why Tapang Ivo needs to apologize to the good people of Southern Cameroons:

I suppose every Southern Cameroonian in this struggle is a volunteer; no one made the decision to fight for their future under any form of Durex and every Southern Cameroonian has suffered and sacrificed evenly. When you set up a GoFundme account with the intentions of raising funds to assist “our volunteers on the ground”, Can you Mr. Tapang Ivo Tanku explain to Southern Cameroonians, who these “Volunteers” are? What will or are they doing that other Southern Cameroonians are not doing? Or by “Volunteers” you meant inclusively, the students sitting at home who voluntarily boycotted school because they want a better future, the parents, teachers, lawyers, taxi drivers, okada riders, business owners, people of all works of life who voluntarily sacrificed in one way or the other because they all want a common future in Ambaland. 

Some will say, why bother about His Gofundme drives purportedly ”to support impoverished Ambazonian families, but I urge you the good people of Southern Cameroon to check with your distressed families back home how much they have received, then you will understand who is considered a volunteer.
Can Tapang Ivo and Mark Bara Render Authentic Accounts and End Kiki Bandy's Career
Raising funds aimed at replacing a burnt car wasn’t a smart move. What security measures did you put in place to ensure the replaced car is not burnt as well?

The people are willing to contribute and have contributed financially….every penny counts, it must be spent wisely on things and purposes that will propel the struggle. After the struggle and the Statehood-ship of Southern Cameroons restored, we shall buy cars and even build monuments to respect our brave comrades.

Sir, you are gradually becoming a dictator with an army of Facebook followers who are ever willing to shoot-to-kill anybody who dare to contradict or question you for inconsistency among other things. Sir, how different are they from the “Stupid Boko Gendarmes and Haram Polices”; as you always put it, in Cameroon who shoot-to-kill southern Cameroonians for speaking out. We now see the rise of great Anonymous social media users, Some of these people are afraid of social media bullying and activated the incognito mode just so their pictures are not tagged with a red cross or sent into perpetual silence by insults and abusive comments, just because they used their right of free speech. 

You always preach inclusive dialogue, and as such, your followers should learn to state their opinions without being abusive. Many people will want to know how you are dictating, okay, let me spill it out! What was your position when Silvie Bello set-up her crowdrise page, to raise funds for advocacy through her “Cameroon American Council”. Reasons she clearly outlined in the Crowdrise page. ” we need funds for research, travel, logistics, printing/documentation etc.” Sylvie Bello Cameroon American Council”.

Her reasons were legit except that, you the almighty Tapang Ivo didn’t approve of it. More reasonable and sustainable than raising funds to replace a “burnt car” And On February 2, 2017, You set up the Gofundme account to support volunteers in the name of the consortium and because you and your army of followers approved it, it automatically became the decision of the rest of Southern Cameroonians. The last time I checked, Southern Cameroonians are counted in Millions and not in thousands of followers. The most logical question here is; Who are these Volunteers? Perhaps the Facebook followers for attacking people who dare to question, criticize and point out your inconsistency, defending you at every turn and for failing to rebuke you amidst your too many mistakes which too many people are beginning to see as misleading to the struggle.

Sylvie Bello put a crowdrise account on the 14th of December with your name on it, Mr. Ivo. A disclaimer was only made public on the 22nd, December, after you and Sylvie met in your state of New York and together sealed the first round of your planned diplomatic pressure on the gangster regime. Sir, the question I must ask you is: Do you mean to tell us, the good and educated people of Southern Cameroons, that you didn’t know of the crowdrise account set up by Sylvie on 14th of December, till she met with you on the 21st, December, and left? In Your disclaimer, published on your Facebook wall on the 22nd, December, you mentioned some really intriguing things. Permit me Sir to paste a screen shot of the disclaimer here for public scrutiny and accountability.

Public Accountability: Link to Sylvie’s crowdrise were publicly shared on Facebook (in my candid opinion that was being transparent enough), on her timeline and she didn’t coerced or force anybody to donate—her reasons for raising the funds were clearly stipulated on the page—but you Mr. Ivo chose to ridiculed her on the 22nd, only to come around and set up gofundme accounts, aimed at raising funds to replace a burnt car and for communities communication and to support “Volunteers”. Communication, one of the reasons Sylvie Bello stated in her Crowdrise page, for which she was crucified by you and your followers. The questions here are simple: What’s your take on public accountability? Did she have to publish her link on your wall to make it legit? Does the public limit to your followers? Do you now see how you’ve been dictating?

The Consortium: From your disclaimer sir, I quote ” I have always written publicly that ONLY the consortium, which we all support as a legal structure, has the right to receive ALL funds or approve all funds raised for this campaign”. Till date, Sylvie Bello’s target of $6000 has not been achieved because you publicly thwarted her name and that of your organisation she pain takingly built 6 years before the Southern Cameroons struggle. The above except from your disclaimer didn’t only render the efforts of Sylvie Bello useless, but that of Serious and goal oriented groups like SCYL and AGC.

Can you Remember your reaction when Justice Ayah Paul Albine, through the English Cameroon Authority(ECA) endorsed the consortium and requested for the enlargement of the platform in order to make it more inclusive? If that had happened, the too many groups that are being created everyday, west, north, south and east, and all the confusion and power hassle we see today wouldn’t have existed! Justice Ayah Paul Albine was at the brink of uniting all the fronts, a move LRC so much dreaded and later on got him arrested, but you Mr. Ivo Chose to discredited him and mind controlled your Facebook crawlers to pour tons of insult on him. Permit me to help you with an excerpt of your post on Facebook posted on the 10th of December, 2016: “”Pauls again: Paul Biya, Paul Ayah and Paul Atanga Nji.

I should say I died nine times when I recently saw a proposed list of names published by a failed presidential candidate, Ayah Paul Abine, who only had 61,000 votes in 25 million citizens during 2011 presidential election.” If you are interested in revisiting the complete post, click here. Off-course those bots of followers of yours are always there to like, love and agree to whatever your opinion is, they never cross examine you for consistency, they are ready to put their futures and that of their children on an oblivion. Your take recently about Justice Ayah Paul Albine fighting for the truth baffles, you knew all along he stood for the truth, but you chose to ridiculed him and in the process denied Southern Cameroonians the much needed inclusive front to lead and win the struggle.

Mr. Tapang Ivo’s opinion about Justice Ayah Paul Albine Drastically changed because he is arested and no longer a threat to Ivo’s hidden Agenda after haven dissed and publicly bashed prominent leaders like Justice Ayah Paul Albine and in the process denying Southern Cameroons the privilege to profit from his learned mind and experiences – now, you turned around and asked the good and sound minded people of Southern Cameroons not to do same to you – you finally became a leader, hidden agenda accomplished; thus time to discard public criticism right? Who are you deceiving? As for me, my family, friends and friends of friends, we refuse to move from one form of dictatorship and censorship to jump to another; what we signed-up for is absolutely freedom and it’s non negotiable!!! I will to tell you Mr. Ivo of your most striking and noticeable similarity with the dictator President Paul Biya: “Just like President Paul Biya, Power was handed over to you, you were never elected into office. History has a way of repeating itself and you have proven beyond every doubt that you are more of a ruler than a leader. You have never been willing to follow! Permit to instruct you, ” Every great leader was once a great follower”.

We are suppose to be our brother’s keeper – Dr Agbor Balla didn’t make a mistake to make you and Mark Bara the interim leaders of the consortium, but your actions have made it look like President Ahidjo trusting power in the hands of President Paul Biya only to regret at the end. Interim literally means “Temporal”. Because you intend to maintain your stay in power, you’ve fed the gullible with all manners of lies and deception. Normally in a coalition like the “Consortium”, members are suppose to convene and elect a new president in the absence of the sitting president. That was not the case because of the uncertainties and Dr. Agbor Balla in good faith went against the bylaws of the consortium, made you and Mark the interim of the consortium thinking you will do the right thing when the time comes. And the time came! Mr. Tassang Wilfred you had previously praised emerged along with other legitimate members of the consortium. Everybody, but your trolls of followers expected you to do the right thing, but you failed wholeheartedly and instead decided to lie and deceive the good people of Southern Cameroon.

That Dr. Agbor Balla is the sole founder of the consortium and as such only him can revoke power from you. Blatant lies! The truth is, every trade union leader(teachers, lawyers, traders, transporters) that led their respective Unions into the affiliation that became known as the Consortium, is a “Founding Father” for they were the initiators, the architects that designed the consortium in black and white. Mr. Ivo, I know with your level of education, you are mindful of the above stipulated fact, but just wondering why you chose to lie to Southern Cameroonians.

Mr. Tapang Ivo that, it’s never too late to do the right thing, stop taking Southern Cameroonians in circles, start being consistent in your approaches and don’t get possessed with power. If you do not find the above points good enough for you Mr. Tapang Ivo to remorsefully apologize to Southern Cameroonians, then I will have to bring out more points and reasons in a subsequent Letter.

Mark Bara was very consistent and instrumental from the beginning of Southern Cameroon’s struggle! His first waves of inconsistency were glaring for all open minded people to see when he became a co-consortium interim leader alongside Tapang Ivo. I suppose, we shall start seeing more of the usual and consistent Mark Bara, CEO of — doing his undisputed social media activism, in his usual unchallenged Charismatic ways.

Thank God Tassang Wilfred and other legitimate members of the consortium finally did the right thing and banished the duo from the consortium, thereby saving them from the greed of power which was about to consume their souls and plaguing the rest of Southern Cameroonians in the process.
We the younger generation of today, have become so accustomed to disguising ourselves to others that we end up being disguised to our own-selves. The key stone to every foundation success in struggles like this is the ability of the leaders to understand situations before acting so as to avoid getting into the frame of the same picture they intend crushing. We love our heritage, let’s protect it.

Word to every Leader on stage and behind the Scene:
We have our eyes wide open on every leader, every group in this struggle! Anyone who tells you not to question, criticize any leader for the sake of the struggle, same is raising a dictator behind the scene. It’s a common knowledge that, ” A clear conscience fears no accusation”. A good leader is always open for questions, learn from Criticisms and grow by standing tall in the face of contradictions. Nothing in this must be done in “private” with the exception of Key- Strategies which must not be disclosed publicly.

Word to the Good and sound Minded People of Southern Cameroons:
Resist any form of censorship, if you can’t question these leaders at this very early stage of the struggle, what makes you think you will be able to even call their names in private when we are finally free? Just be mindful not to be hateful, if you find any leader misleading, bring out facts, reasons and points why you find them misleading. We collectively owe our ourselves and our posterity the sole responsibility not repeating the errors of our fore-fathers. There’s a big difference between those who are against the struggle and those who are against the leaders misleading the struggle. You who have chosen to be against the leaders misleading the struggle shall truly be remembered as the whistle blowers of the Struggle, the people who cleared the Path way to liberation for the true leaders to lead us all void of distraction! It’s not an easy tasks, for there are thousands of “Bots” called follower, crawling from page to page, group to group, account to account, blog to blog searching for sound minds contaminate with stupidity and traces of imbecility. For they will tag you blacklegs, tag your pictures with red cross, call your names, dig into your future and present and past, make up fake stories all in attempts to make you go numb and become as docile as they are! My Brother, My Sister Resist them! Speak the Truth for only the truth shall set you free.

Word to Facebook “Crawlers”, “Bots” and Online Zombies:

Get a soul, get a mind of your own —think it over and over again—cross examine it for consistency and if it’s parallel with the struggle, then give it a thick and not the other way round. They were mindless people like you who looked up to President Paul in the 80s as the messiah and sold their souls to him because he was very handsome. For similar reasons, online Zombies have sold their souls and pledged their allegiance to this group or that group or to individuals, and now their pre-occupation is to go about defending the interest of their masters sometimes without checking to see if they are inline with the struggle or misleading—sometimes in the process hampering the progress of the entire struggle. Facebook Bots, repent and get your souls back, if it’s negative, prove it negative and if proven positive, kindly follow. “For in true follower-ship, you learn the art of true leadership”. In Essence, a true follower following a leader with proven vision, is equally a leader. I pray y’all get converted from Crawlers, Bots and Online mindless Zombies to becoming true followers with minds of your own.
Conclusion: In the days ahead, we the whistle blowers; Sound minded Southern Cameroonians (SMSC) —not a group, but every Southern Cameroonian who has chosen not to be misled—look forward to seeing proper coordination from the united front under the Auspices of SCACUF as stipulated in: THE BRUSSELS RESOLUTION. SOUTHERN CAMEROON /AMBAZONIA BRUSSEL CONFERENCE 2017. DELEGATES MEETING 31.03.2017.