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The Story Of Tapang Ivo Tanku and The Bamilike Scammer Sylvie, Enriching Her Life With The Peoples Tears

The Anglophone US based political online Activist Tapang Ivo Tanku sent a winning message, after he and one female Bamilike devil in disgu...

The Anglophone US based political online Activist Tapang Ivo Tanku sent a winning message, after he and one female Bamilike devil in disguise Sylvie Qwasinwi Ngassa Bello were successfully received at the American congress.

Out of excitement, Tapang Ivo posted the message below on his Facebook timeline:
We just sealed off the first round of diplomatic pressure on the gangster regime. From Washington DC, Sylvie Qwasinwi Ngassa Bello joined me in New York to mount evidence against the gangsters. And while we all prepare for January 2, 2017, to paint the world West Cameroon, my 21-page human rights report is ready and under review. I just booked tow audiences at the UN and the White House to present my findings. We must fight this to its logical end -- dialogue table. Do not be afraid. You are doing the right thing by fighting for a nation. Do not be intimidated.  Living abroad does not mean leaving Cameroon.
The next day after this message of hope, Tapang Ivo put up the disclaimer message below on his wall, after the said Sylvie Qwasinwi Ngassa Bello used his photo on her Facebook profile to collect funds from well wishers, in the name of support the anglophone fight.
DISCLAIMER: I am Tapang Ivo Tanku and I have a unique facial identify. I have never been part of any fundraising campaign since the start of this peaceful and winning protest in Cameroon. I have never run a "gofundme" in this regard, and I have never been part of any -- directly or indirectly. 
Since the start of this winning campaign, all my works are as transparent as clean air. Even my strategies are all published online, against a few fighters' wishes. 
If anyone, whosoever -- male or female, sits from any part of the world including the USA and uses my profile picture or my name directly or indirectly to run a money-related campaign, it is completely ILLEGAL. I have never given my consent for that and I will NEVER do so. 
I strongly believe that the fight we are fighting is a voluntary fight. No one forces anyone to be part of it. Neither should anyone be compelled or coerced to donate a dime or raise funds to assist in the struggle. Since Day 1, I have always partnered with Mark Bareta, a good and well-trusted friend. I will continue to do so with him because he shares my vision for public accountability. 
In a bid to uphold my credibility, I have always written publicly that ONLY the consortium, which we all support as a legal structure, has the right to receive ALL funds or approve all funds raised for this campaign. No one should take advantage of the growing sympathy to raise funds for whatever reason without prior public approval or the consortium's approval. If you do that, you are injecting distrust among us and ruining a united fight. I disapprove such actions. 
Hence, I openly call on anyone using my image or name to STOP NOW or face severe legal actions. You are smearing my public image and ruining my credibility, especially on financial issues. Above all, you are ruining the selfless and voluntary joint effort Mark and I have invested in this winning fight. 
I fight for the public with my private resources and I do not ask anyone for a payback. I will NEVER ask for a payback. To say the least, I even offer free professional services including photography. 
I strongly believe that if we seek to change a dubious and corrupt political system, and usher in a new and clean generation, we must be an exact opposite of what we seek to change. We must be transparent, accountable to the public, and democratic. Every decision we take must be vetted or approved by the public's majority. 
Warm regards, Tapang Ivo Tanku
A reader of goodwill investigated the issue and wrote thus:
FRAUD in someone's name. Dear brothers and sisters, I have never been so angry like I am now since this strike started in Cameroon. Not because I was recently robbed by men of the underworld but because I found out that the real thieves are those who are using the strike to enrich themselves hiking in high places in America.
Recently we saw pictures and videos of Tapang Ivo and one lady called Sylvie Qwasinwi Ngassa Bello at the American congress to plead for this course. All of us were happy and urged them to go on. Some even wrote with all sincerity that God should bless the duo.

Days later we saw a refurbished Ivo wrote a disclaimer on monetary issues that are being raised with his name by who so ever. While you were quick to like or comment on that post, I decided to go underground to find out more. There is and never will be any smoke without fire as our people say.

I decided to meet Ivo on the background as usual to understand more. Behold my dear people, I realized what you will not want your ears to hear. The said lady who accompanied Ivo succeeded to even scam Ivo in the entire process during that trip to the congress and made herself rich.

The story goes that, Ivo’s post had raised a lot of eye brows with people like myself and others I will not name here and as usual many contacted Ivo for clarifications. It appeared immediately after that meeting Sylvie changed her Facebook profile picture and replaced it with that of Ivo. She quickly used Ivo’s post on that congress trip on her page and on her dubious crowdrise page to call for funding.

Like a typical Bamilike, she insisted those who want to contribute should start with $6 (approximately 3. 000 frs cfa). When Ivo got this news he confronted Sylvie for explanations. Sylvie in her usual style of bullying people, claimed that Ivo is threatening her life. She claimed the money she has raised was used for hotel bills in New York, air tickets and shuttles and that she paid the congress woman we saw on that video $2000 (1 million Frs) for that meeting.)

The worst part is that she reported Ivo to the American police for threatening her life. Finally, all what she is saying is that she used the money people have contributed for advocacy. In my attempt to listen to Sylvie’s side of the story, she forwarded me the fundraising site asking me to donate more instead. When I pressed further, she claimed that if am not a donor, then I don’t have any right to question her or I should sue her to court. I told her she is being too rude and she said am also threatening her.

Just like she did with Ivo, she told me she will seek police protection against me. I believe you and I have full right to know how any dime raised in this course is being spent. We will never forge a new nation with corruption and rudeness. I was taught not to fear leaders but to question them. And even Ivo has been preaching about accountability and transparency and that is what I did.
The Story Of Tapang Ivo Tanku and The Bamilike Scammer Sylvie, Enriching Her Life With The Peoples Tears
My brothers and sisters my points are these:
1. Our people are killed, beaten, arrested, hospitalized, girls raped, and some living with eternal trauma both as families and individuals and we see one dubious person eating at their mercy?

2. Who gave this lady the powers to represent us and speak on our behalf at the US congress if not to use the situation to make more money for herself. If we need people to go to the congress it will not be a Bamilike at this level of the struggle. We have a consortium to work for us.

3. I asked the lady to present to us any receipt of any family in Cameroon that has received a dime from her and up till now nothing has been produced. Is it right that one person is collecting money for this course and those who are supposed to benefit are not doing so?

4. I told Sylvie that I have prove of all what she has been doing and she took it for granted. I can confirm with you that one American donor contacted me to find out about this scam and I gave him my side of the story. He said his family has given a lot to Sylvie for this course with the hope that the money is going to the right channel. The truth is that Sylvie works just like an NGO who gets money and uses dubious means to justify how that money was used.

5. Is Sylvie telling the world that an American Congress woman is now seeking a bribe of $2000 to receive guests or people she is supposed to represent?

6. Is this struggle a one for an individual to moving around, sleeping in sweet and posh hotels in the name of advocacy. What advocacy has not been done. She claims that we want to partner and ally with US congress and congress visits and ally mean money.

My dear this is not the fight we swore for. This is not why people died in Bamenda. This is not why troops were sent to rape our sisters and daughters. This is not why tear gas was thrown to kill and not dissuade the people. This lady is just being evil and thieving like the word maybe. I swear to you that we need to expose these types of people.

These are the type of people giving the impression that the struggle in Cameroon is to raise money and destabilize the country meanwhile others are acting innocently. Not in my name.

Finally, I can tell you that even if it means filling a case at the American Embassy, I will do it for this idiot to be arrested and tried.

Attached are some few screenshots of chats she had with Ivo. Be careful not to fall on the trap I fell in. The picture on the chat box with Ivo’s picture is Sylvie when she changed her profile picture and the chat lines are those of IVO.

Please share this link (…/…/sylviebello) and spread it in order to stop this massive fraud going on in your name.

If you decide to let it go, then am saying #NOT IN MY NAME.
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