Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Diamond Platinumz Reveals Why He Was Conspicuously Absent From Zari’s Ex Husband’s Funeral

Ivan Ssemwanga’s funeral on Tuesday, May 30 was not short of drama and flamboyance, typical of the man Ivan was when he was still alive.

As eventful as the burial was however, there was also some drama away from the event, due to the absentism of some renown personalities who would typically be expected to attend the funeral.

Among the people who were absent was Zari’s closest person – Diamond Platinumz.

Platinumz has now come out to defend his absentism from the event, despite confirming that he would be in attendance during Larry Madowo’s The Trend. Through his manager Sallam Sharaff, Diamond explained that he never travelled to Uganda because because of a mixup in timelines.
Diamond Platinumz
According to Sharaff, Ivan’s body was already off to his ancestral home at the time of Diamond’s planned trip.

Meanwhile, personalities such as socialite Vera Sidika are on the receiving end of criticism for being absent during trying times of a 'friend' Zari Hassan.

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