Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Breaking News -- Zari Hassan’s Husband Might Not Be Dead, Here’s Why -- This Is A Shocker!

The controversy surrounding Ivan Semewanga’s death is burdening not only to Ivan’s family and Zari Hassan, but also to fans. It’s like each day comes with a new turn of events.

News reaching indicates that the death of the Ugandan tycoon might be a stunt to fool Interpol after the Ugandan allegedly messed up big time.

The unconfirmed word state that Ivan signed a half a billion-dollar deal that he couldn’t meet and now is on the run. He plans to fool people with his death then go for surgery in Israel later on.

While Zari and Ivan’s family are entangled in a nasty battle for the billionaire’s property, the source claims that this was just another part of Ivan's plans which will leave everyone distracted focusing on the fight instead of his death.
Breaking News -- Zari Hassan’s Husband Might Not Be Dead, Here’s Why -- This Is A Shocker! 
Several people who viewed the body claim that it wasn’t Ivan. Others wanted to know why the body was viewed at night.

At around 20:00hrs the body was released and put in the funeral service van, with the help of the police and hundreds of boda boda men.

On reaching home, the body was put in the compound for public viewing although no pictures were allowed to be taken.

Ivan’s father has also claimed he did not pen the speech to be read during the burial.

The late Ivan was a billionaire tycoon with properties in both Uganda and South Africa, including multi-million shilling mansions, numerous high end vehicles and a group of high end schools in South Africa.

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