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Indomitable Lions ... Who Does What?, André Nguidjol Nlend, Meet The Man Behind The Lions Scandal ...

The recent success of the Lions at the AFCON 2017 is no illusion. Undermined by repeated scandals, Cameroon’s national team remains a labor...

The recent success of the Lions at the AFCON 2017 is no illusion. Undermined by repeated scandals, Cameroon’s national team remains a laboratory of mismanagement. Le Jour takes you in the back office of the African champions. Who does what and for what result?

Pinned in several hijacking cases, the former administrative director of the national teams has the confidence of the current Minister of Sports. He is in charge of the coordination of national football teams.

Friday 16 October 2015 André Nguidjol Nlend was appointed coordinator of the national football teams of Cameroon. In this post, Nguidjol replaced Claver Oyono suspended as soon as Tombi A Roko took power, who had even announced that he was going to take legal action against the close relative of Joseph Owona, the former chairman of the FECAFOOT Normalization Committee.

Since his appointment, André Nguidjol Nlend is the manager of the funds that the State grants to FECAFOOT on behalf of the national football teams. According to another text signed on the day of his appointment by the President of FECAFOOT, he acts as authorizing officer by delegation. And as such, André Nguidjol Nlend is “the only one to manipulate the funds for bonuses” of selections in international competitions. He also has the responsibility “to make the tax deductions” provided for by the regulations in force, specifies the text of Tombi A Roko. This is the implementation of a decree of the President of the Republic dated 296 September 2014, which deals with the organization and functioning of national football teams.

Decision n° z45/fcf/pcn/2014 laying down the modalities for the functioning of the management bodies for national football teams signed by Joseph Owona, then Chairman of the Normalization Committee, adds further details concerning the tasks of the coordinator. Under Article 3, “he shall supervise the work of the management bodies of national teams and shall ensure the effective execution of the specifications and programs of activities“. As account manager, he is given a maximum delay of fifteen days after the competition, to complete the employment account of the funds disbursed by the State of Cameroon, after validation by the Prime Minister.

The co-ordinator shall deposit a copy of the said employment account with the FECAFOOT, the Ministry of Sports, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Presidency of FECAFOOT. The responsibility of the coordinator is thus directly involved in the new scandal that shakes the den due to the serious malfunctions observed in the accommodation and the restoration of the Lions during their match against Guinea last Tuesday. It is Nguidjol who is supposed to pay and make sure that the Lions are safe from the inconvenience during the regroupings.

Why didn’t he do it? The lame explanations of a remainder of 5,000 euros out of 38,000 evoked by the FECAFOOT and which would have led to this sulking can not convince. In a different environment, Nguidjol should have already made his apron. But the man clings to his strong post of the support of the Minister of Sports Bidoung Kpwatt of which he is the protected.
Indomitable Lions ... Who Does What?, André Nguidjol Nlend, Meet The Man Behind The Lions Scandal ...
At the heart of a scandal.

André Nguidjol, after finishing his classes on the sidelines of the Tonnerre and Prévoyance de Yaoundé, knows the consecration as a coach when he seconds Jules Nyongha at the head of the Lions’ team in 1994. And then closes the parenthesis Of the bench of this technician who then began a long career in the administration of Cameroonian football.

For more than 15 years André Ngudjol has been at the head of the administrative direction of the national football teams (DAEF) then attached to the Ministry of Sports. From the early years of his reign to the administrative leadership, the Indomitable Lions jerseys were sold in the neighborhoods for the benefit of the boss. After qualifying for the AFCON 2012 against Senegal, Samuel Eto’o, declared that he did not receive his bonuses. Better still, he took charge of his travel tickets when he was called into the selection.

Pointed out as the main cause, André Nguidjol had tried to buy the silence of the press but it is the Prime Minister who put an end to this deception to the sanctioning for a duration of 3 months in October 2011. Just time for him to back down for a better jump.