Friday, 5 May 2017

Woman Seeks Eviction Order Against Daughter

Fed up of her daughter’s wayward behaviour, a Bulawayo woman was left with no option but to approach the civil court praying for protection.

Sinanzeni Hadebe of Mpopoma suburb approached West Commonage Civil Court seeking a protection order against her own daughter Viola Mukuchu.

Besides applying for a protection order, Hadebe told the court that she wanted her daughter evicted from her house.

As if that is not enough Hadebe said she also wanted her daughter barred from bringing her boyfriend home.
Woman Seeks Eviction Order Against Daughter
“I hereby apply for a protection order against my daughter Viola Mukuchu. She is very violent, and is always insulting me and at times locks me out of my house. Whenever I try to reprimand her, she fights me.

“I told her on several occasions to stop bringing her boyfriend home but she didn’t listen. She even chased her son out of the house to create space for that boyfriend,” complained Hadebe.

In response, Mukuchu however, told the court that she was not refusing to leave her mother’s house, but she wanted her to first compensate her for the money which she spent on utility bills.

“I was staying in South Africa and my mother asked me to come back and look after her house.
“When I returned there was a huge Zesa bill I cleared using my own money so I want her to pay me back that money so that I move out,” responded Mukuchu.

Hadebe dismissed her daughter’s claims saying she returned on her own as she was not employed in South Africa.

Hadebe’s prayers were however, answered when the presiding magistrate granted the protection order in her favour. B-Metro

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