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Getting Ready For The Day Of Battle with Evangelist Paul Saungweme

In December 2016, Apostle Alexander Chisango released a statement where he showed gratitude that the year ended with the church in Zimbabwe...

In December 2016, Apostle Alexander Chisango released a statement where he showed gratitude that the year ended with the church in Zimbabwe and key church fathers “generally walking and working in unity, and the body of Christ’s zeal stirred up by the Healing Jesus Evangelism Campaign”.

He also said, “On evangelism, church fathers are nursing the burden that our Evangelist Paul Saungweme must arise with the support of the fathers and churches following, and stirring up more evangelists to rise too.

By Tendai Manzvanzvike Divine Appointments
Tendai Manzvanzvike spoke with Evangelist Saungweme about this, and the rumour that JFAEM is taking the gospel beyond our borders.

Q: Jesus for Africa Evangelistic Ministries partners and other stakeholders have been interceding for an important event that will take place on March 4, in South Africa. What exactly will happen on March 4? Is JFAEM spreading its wings?

A: Precisely! As our name implies, we have a mandate of preaching the gospel of salvation to the unsaved masses of Africa.
Getting Ready For The Day Of Battle with Evangelist Paul Saungweme
Getting Ready For The Day Of Battle with Evangelist Paul Saungweme
On the 4th of March we will be having a breakfast meeting with our South African partners, sharing the vision with them as well as our annual plan. This event is free to all current and potential partners in South Africa. It will be held at Rivonia, Johannesburg from 8 to 10am.

Our desire is to gather all partners so that they join us in prayers, planning and all preparations that are necessary. What is also key to highlight is that, this year in August we have other crusades lined up in Australia (July) and Chimoio in Mozambique (August).

The Ministry is also looking at in-roads to minister the word of God in other nations of the world as the Lord leads.

Q: Is the event just for people in South Africa?

A: Although the event will be held in South Africa, it is by no means not limited to people staying in South Africa. Our good partners in Zimbabwe and across the Southern Africa region are free to attend and join us as we gather for a good cause as a soul winning family.

Q: There is a school of thought that says although evangelism is important, without discipleship it’s as if you are dumping the new converts as some end up getting into churches that are only interested in boosting their numbers. How can we have a win-win situation between evangelism and discipleship?

A: Indeed, without proper discipleship our efforts are in vain. What JFAEM does is that we do not work alone, but in strong partnership with all Bible-believing churches.

To begin with, before conducting a crusade, we train ushers, counsellors, church leaders and pastors on the importance of follow-up and how to conduct such. We also ensure that decision cards of saved souls are only handed over to participating churches who were represented during trainings and have a passion to preserve the harvest from the crusades.

During the crusade, we hold a World Changers Conference that is meant for the church leadership as well as pastors and their spouses. The thrust of this conference is to impart the fire, passion and zeal for souls to the local church leadership.

Our crusades are never a one-week event (only), but more so, they should be perpetuated by the local church not only in doing follow-ups, but even other revival meetings, prayers and fellowships, etc.

Q: You have seen big names in evangelism, from the likes of Reinhard Bonnke to Dag Heward-Mills coming to Zimbabwe. Are there lessons that JFAEM has drawn from these experiences and encounters?

A: There are numerous lessons that we have learnt from our association with these evangelists you have mentioned.

To begin with, we have seen the power of unity at its best. We have learnt that if we are able to mobilise ourselves despite our doctrinal differences, and stand as a united front, the impact of our evangelism efforts will be unspeakable.

The other key lesson we got is that resources are a game changer when it comes to mass evangelism crusades, and here I am talking of massive publicity, state of the art public address system, durable equipment, transportation and others.

Finally, we also learnt that to hold crusades of that magnitude, one needs to up their game on organisation and planning of the event. Excellence is never an accident but we have to put maximum effort each and every day, in order to have the greatest of impact through the mercies of our Lord.

Q: In December 2016, some men of God circulated a Strategic Prayer Appeal. Apostle Alexander Chisango said he was part of it. These are indications that the church in Zimbabwe and key church fathers are endorsing the work you are doing, and are therefore calling for prayers for your evangelism ministry. If you saw the document, what are your thoughts on it?

A: I can confirm that I saw the document. To say the very least, I was touched and humbled by what the church fathers, including Apostle Alexander Chisango, did. Evangelism can only work through prayer and support from the church at large, hence the move made by the honourable men of God could not come at a better time in our Ministry.

We appreciate that and we are more than ready to be at the service of the church in our nation.

Our prayer and hope is that one day the Zimbabwe Council of Churches, Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Heads of Christian Denominations will also carry us and massively support us as an indigenous evangelistic ministry in the same way that they have done to our fellow ministers of the word like Morris Cerrulo, Joyce Meyer and more recently, Dag Heward-Mills.

Q: In past interviews, you highlighted challenges you face to have the crusades. What programmes do you have in place to address these challenges and still hold the crusades?

A: This year, we will be having breakfast meetings for our partners and potential partners in various areas. We will use this platform to update partners on the ministry progress, calendar for the year, achievements, and challenges as well as to fundraise for activities of the year.

We believe that God will stir the hearts of many in our nation to support the cause of soul winning so that we may rescue thousands that are living in sin.

On the other note, if churches support our number one job as Christians, God will come through and provide for their needs. In that respect, I wish to commend two of our partnering churches, Rainbow Ministries led by Apostle Phiri and also Glory Ministries led by Apostle Pride Sibiya.

These invite us once to their churches or twice per year and raise funds for the Ministry.

Q: What is the crusades diary like for 2017?

A: In May, we are in Norton; after that Damafalls (Harare); Perth, Australia; Chipinge-Rimbi; Chimoio, Mozambique; Chachacha; Dangamvura (Mutare); and our final port of call will be Southlea Park, here in Harare.

Q: Your final remarks…

A: The word of God, according to Judges 1:3; 2 Samuel 10:10-12; and Psalms 78:9, indicates that during the day of battle, unity among brethren is key. According to Psalms, the sons of Ephraim were equipped with bows, yet they turned back in the day of battle.

I am appealing to our nation, our churches, and corporates in and outside Zimbabwe that evangelism is our wing of attacking the devil by plundering hell and populating Heaven through winning souls.

May we all rise up in unity to ensure that we fight the devil and win souls for Jesus Christ! Woe unto us, if we do not preach the gospel of salvation.