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The FAT Girl Who Cried Wolf - A Critical Look At The Stunner and Olinda Saga

Whichever Chapel that rapper Stunner’s wife Olinda Chapel is in, she definitely is before the Devil’s altar no doubt. After dramatically ...

Whichever Chapel that rapper Stunner’s wife Olinda Chapel is in, she definitely is before the Devil’s altar no doubt.

After dramatically outing the ‘Team Hombe’ star (real name Desmond Chideme) for being a leech who called her the ‘fattest chick in the club’; her tale is one that proves that a night is a long time in showbiz.

By Robert Mukondiwa
Suddenly when she woke up, the things she had bought him with her ‘OWN MONEY’ suddenly became ‘THEIRS’ again and hey presto she had probably turned from a whale that swallowed an elephant to a slim catwalk model again.

There is nothing wrong with a plus size woman. And certainly in our neck of the woods, big girls are the main dish rather than the side, but for a husband, partner and friend to taunt his spouse so much about her weight issues to warrant liposuction that nearly takes her life is the height of misogynism. 

There is an illness that Olinda suffers from and it is known as Stockholm syndrome. The situation where one who is kidnapped and held captive eventually becomes fond of the captor that they end up defending them and protecting them.

It is a quality of many sharp people and Stunner has proven to be a master at that.

Because while there is always the fall guy-in this case girl-that friend who lied and was judge, jury and prosecutor and ‘told lies’ on Stunner to Olinda, the truth that can never be erased still exists.

Stunner still owes his car, wardrobe, underwear, sneakers and just for good measure headboard (remember the $3,000 bedroom suite) to Olinda. No amount of ‘It belongs to US’ sugar coating will fix that mess.

And yes, whatever skinny mirrors Stunner has borrowed money from Olinda to buy her as a kiss and make-up gift, Olinda is still FAT!

And Stunner doesn’t suddenly believe that his handful is cool enough to roll to the club with.
But that is Olinda’s problem. It’s her party and she can cry if she wants to. It’s her funeral and she can pick her own casket.

It’s her period and she can use cotton wool if she has time to pick on the stick on remnants (yes, the chicks take time to tell me these things.)

But the one thing that Olinda has done is mess up the lives of thousands of women in Zimbabwe and put some of them in possible mortal danger.

When she spoke and opened her heart in open court of public opinion, the jury was set real quick and the media latched onto the story which had been reported by the complainant. And looking on were thousands perhaps, of girls in the same situation or predicament. They had been used and emotionally abused.

Told they were fat, ugly, and needed to do something about it. Some already had and had taken the handful of pills that Olinda threatened to take and not lived to see the post. Many others had stood at that threshold and almost committed suicide. 

To then squander that empathy and support with a flimsy retraction is a let-down to those who stood by the women in similar pain and a let down on women and girls who would have drawn courage from her predicament to want to also walk away from emotional abusers and gold-digging leeches.

Suddenly Stunner is not a villain here. He has been immortalised in GOLD. The nigger who can walk up to a dragon breathing fire and put a baby pacifier in its mouth. The man who can confront a woman scorned and mad as a lioness and leave her purring like a kitten!

He’s the man. And in my remote Alpha male corner I salute him as well. Well done buckaroo. You’ve made us seem amazing and strong. Can I have your book of game? You’re the player we all want to be. 

But really? Olinda really?

Aesops fable has the exact same story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Who would fudza his hwayi in the hills and would cry ‘wolf, wolf’ and the entire village would rush to save him and he would roll over laughing. He had tricked an entire village. And when the wolf REALLY did come he cried for help but no one was listening.

He lost his sheep. And in another version the wolf ate him too.

A wolf is coming for you Olinda. And you shall cry again. But no one will come and say put down those pills.

And to those countless other girls looking for courage to get out of similar situations ask for help and you will not be scarred for life. When you cry hopefully Zimbabwe will listen and respond. As long as your name is not Olinda. The (STILL) fat girl who cried wolf.
Olinda and Stunner in happier times 
As for Stunner there is only one verdict; walk out of the dock, you are NOT GUILTY!

Robert Mukondiwa Is A Private Citizen, Author of The Judas Files, Journalist, Media Anthropologist. Media Strategist. Thinker - Robert Mukondiwa