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Married Teacher's Car PUNANI Turns Nasty

A married primary school teacher in Mhondoro is ruing the night he had se_x in the car with his ‘on off’ girlfriend after she fell pregnan...

A married primary school teacher in Mhondoro is ruing the night he had se_x in the car with his ‘on off’ girlfriend after she fell pregnant and demanded that they move in together. 

Munashe Mukonzi, 33, confirmed his illicit affair with Patience Marira, 30, who later fell pregnant after a bout of unprotected se_x. The matter was heard before Chief Mashayamombe who ruled that Mukonzi’s TOYOTA Noah vehicle and property at his apartment at Kawara primary school be impounded after he failed to attend the hearing. Narrating his ordeal, Munashe felt justice was not delivered as the chief ordered for the seizure of his belongings for his own use.

“We had always had an ‘on-off’ relationship with Patience,” he said. “We officially broke up this year and while we were trying to mend the affair, we had se_x in my car and she fell pregnant. I never denied the fact that the baby was mine but because we were no longer together, I ignored her when she requested for preparation money from me. She even came to stay with me and my wife twice but the situation was too tense for her that she decided to go back home where her family decided to report me to the chief and the police”.
Married Teacher's Car PUNANI Turns Nasty
The Mushiriwindi family (Patience’s family) is said to have accused Munashe of rape and they demanded $3000 as damage through the police. Munashe said he failed to attend the chief’s trial due to a relative’s funeral which resulted in the latter sending men to seize his property.

“I could not attend the trial because of a funeral in Zaka and I even communicated with the chief but surprisingly in three days I received a summon from him which I did not respond to as well. In a few days, he sent three men to collect my property, humiliating me in front of my workmates. While they were tussling with me, they got hold of my car keys and took away my car,” he said. He added that he went to the chief’s premises twice and found out that his car was being used.

Neighbours told me that my car was being used as a private taxi around there. The chief denied it sanctioning the move claiming that he had left his wife to take care of the car. At one point, I went there and I could not find my car but when I called the chief’s wife she did not answer and even switched off her phone,” Munashe said.

Patience on the other hand said she had nothing to do with the seizure of Munashe’s car and all she wanted was child support. “The only thing I regret is having an affair with that man because he has used so many ladies so far while neglecting his wife and children. It’s true that his car was being used in his absence but I had nothing to do with it. All I wanted was money for food and preparation because I am carrying his baby,” she said. Contacted for comment, chief Mashayamombe said Munashe was only trying to tarnish his image.

“That man is an unusual character indeed, he refused to show up at trial but still went on to take the issue to his lawyers for no apparent reason. The law forbids me to give a judgment that is over $1000 and I only wanted him to show up so that we discuss the issue fairly but he went on to report me to the police. The fact that he dumped Patience and he is not innocent at all but wants to appear like so,” said the Chief.

Asked why he abused Munashe’s car, Chief Mashayamombe said,”I never used his car, I am not aware of that since I was not around during the said period”.

Source-H Metro