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Man Gags Minor, Rapes Her and Then Stashes Her in A Suitcase

A Kuwadzana man reportedly gagged a minor with a cloth, tied her legs and raped her before stashing her in a suitcase . Batsirai Chana...

A Kuwadzana man reportedly gagged a minor with a cloth, tied her legs and raped her before stashing her in a suitcase.

Batsirai Chanakira, 38, was not asked to plead when he appeared before Harare magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti charged with rape. He was remanded in custody to November 23 and he was also advised to apply for bail at the High court.

Allegations are that on November 7, Batsirai followed the victim on her way home from the shops where she had been sent to buy fish by her aunt. He is alleged to have grabbed the packet of fish that she was carrying from her and forcibly pushed her to the ground. The victim tried to fight him back but he was too powerful and she started screaming for help but nobody came to her rescue.

Chanakira is further reported to have removed his shirt and used it to gag the victim so that she would stop screaming. Further allegations are that he also removed his trousers and used it to tie together the victim’s legs and carried the victim to his place of residence. Whilst on his way to his house, they came across a young boy who was curious to know why he was carrying a gagged and tied little girl.
Man Gags Minor, Rapes Her and Then Stashing Her in A Suitcase
Chanakira then paid the young boy 50 cents and asked him to not disclose what he had seen on the road. Chanakira arrived at his place of residence with the little girl and raped her once. The victim’s grandmother and uncle went to Chanakira’s place looking for the little girl after they had received information from a certain lady who had seen the accused following the girl from the shops.

When the grandmother knocked on the door, Chanakira grabbed the victim and placed her in a big suitcase and placed it on top of his wardrobe. He opened the door and told her that he had lost his screen gate keys and that’s why he could not open the screen suspicion, the grandmother called her husband immediately and advised him to come to Chanakira’s place with the police. Alarmed by the phone call, Chanakira unlocked the screen gate.

The victim’s grandmother and uncle entered the house and searched for the little girl. They found her in the suitcase which was covered by a carpet on top of Chanakira’s wardrobe. When they found her, she was gagged and her hands were tied together as well as her legs. The matter was taken to the police leading to Chanakira’s arrest.
Source: H Metro