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Competition revitalises Macheso shows

The return of some of Alick Macheso ’s erstwhile band members has revitalised live shows for the sungura icon, while creating competition ...

The return of some of Alick Macheso’s erstwhile band members has revitalised live shows for the sungura icon, while creating competition within Orchestra Mberikwazvo. 

Macheso’s live shows had declined following the departure of some of the band members from his outfit. While pundits argue that the band has too many members, others feel that the return of several band members has brought competition, among the band members themselves.The departure of nimble footed dancer Franco Slomo, guitarist Noel Nyazanda, chanter Jonasi Kasamba and drummer Obert Gomba left a gap in the musician’s blossoming career.

That development adversely affected the live performances of the sungura crooner and his entourage.

For a musician who was credited for dances such as “Zorai Butter”, “Slow motion” and “Borrowdale”, his live performances had lost their lustre.

When most of his band members deserted him he replaced them with new guitarists who struggled to cope with the musician’s standards at of the shows declined and his failure to release a new album worsened the situation.
Competition revitalises Macheso shows
Some of his fans however, feel that it is the release of the new album that has revitalised the musician’s magical moments on stage.

At Joy Centre in Highfield on Friday the musician staged a gig that kept merrymakers on the dancing floor until the wee hours of Saturday.

Macheso now has several guitarists that are fighting for glory and they have been jostling to showcase their own creations on stage.

The same has been happening on his dancers who are fighting to give their best.

The return of Nyazanda, Gomba and Kasamba has brought competition in the band.

Richard Chokumanyara and Gomba are on the drums while Kasamba battles with Zhili Mumbamulapi on the microphone as chanters.

On lead guitar Nyazanda, Donald Gogo and Devine Muzenda are fighting to get the top honours and they have been coming with new melodies much to the delight of his fans.

Nyazanda left fans in awe when he played a song believed to be on the coming album.

Band member’s fight for number “one” jersey has brought back the musician’s stage magic.

Sources said the guitarists and dancers were fighting for space as well as getting chances to go for foreign tours.

“These guys are fighting to impress that is why you see Macheso’s live performances improving by each day. The competition is necessary,” he said.

Macheso’s publicist Tich Makahamadze said they were working hard to give fans real value for their money.

“We are not sleeping because fans should get value for their money. That is why you see an improvement at the choreography and the instruments,” he said.

He said they were happy that fans appreciate their efforts by coming in numbers at their show.

“Wherever we stage shows people come in their numbers to support and we are doing our best,” he said.

Meanwhile, the musician leaves the country today for a performance in the UK.

He is expected to share stage with Oliver Mtukudzi.

Promoter of the show Phil Wakabikwa said they have set the stage for the big day. Herald