Thursday, 23 June 2016

Prominent church leader arrested after raping congregant in car

A righteous Revival Ministries founder Apostle Tawanda Chikeya was yesterday arrested for raping one of his minor congregants in a parked car in Granary. 

The 30-year-old Apostle Chikeya was arrested along with his younger brother Tapiwa Chikeya, who is suspected to have facilitated the rape of a 16-year-old girl by locking the garage door and providing a blanket.

Provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Tarirai Dube could not be reached for comment by the time of going to print but H-Metro is reliably informed that the two are detained at Marimba Police Station and the case was reported under RRB 2827385. Apostle Chikeya is reported to have threatened the compliant claiming that he was a member of the Central Intelligence Organization. The complainant told H-Metro that Apostle Chikeya made false prophecies to her saying she was set to undergo a bad luck spell if she refused to have se_xual intercourse with him.

“Apostle Chikeya prophesied to me that I was going to meet misfortunes if I did not have prayers constantly with him. He invited me for prayers one of the days and took me to Lake Chivero where he asked to have se_x with me and I refused. He told me that my vi_rginity belongs to him that if I do not marry him he foresees me getting married to a foreigner who would bring me bad luck.
Prominent church leader arrested after raping congregant in car
“After I mentioned his marriage he said he was not satisfied with his wife since she was not a vi_rgin like me when he married her. On the day in question Apostle Chikeya asked me to come to his house and I found him with his brother Tapiwa.

“Tapiwa locked the door from outside and left the room leaving me with Apostle Chikeya and after inquiring why they locked the door, Apostle Chikeya said we would use another door that leads to the garage. It is at the garage where Apostle Chikeya raped me in his parked Honda Fit vehicle and he threatened me saying God would punish me if I reported the case to the police. He went on to say that he is a member of police criminal investigation department and is connected to lawyers if that case was to be brought before the courts of law,” narrated the complainant.

The complainant disclosed the act to her friend who in turn informed the complainant’s parents leading to the arrest of Apostle Chikeya.
Source: H Metro

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