Thursday, 23 June 2016

Police Issue Warning

Police yesterday warned motorists from taking heed of a circulation on social media calling on them not to stop at roadblocks in protest.

In a statement, Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) through its spokesperson Charity Charamba, described the calls from the protest group going by the name "Tajamuka" as "offensive and alarming".
Police Issue Warning
"Members of the public are being informed that the law will take its course on an individual or gangsters who intend to cause alarm and despondency by encouraging motorists not to stop when they are approached by police officers on traffic enforcement points and roadblocks," Charamba said.

The group going by the name Tajamuka had, according to ZRP set July 1 as the date to start the protests.

"We want to strongly warn these individuals who are well known for their machinations not to interfere with police operations," said Charamba.
Source: Daily News

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