Thursday, 23 June 2016

Man fondles neighbour sleeping next to husband

A man from Cowdray Park suburb in Bulawayo was sold out by his “very cold hands” as he caressed and almost raped his neighbour’s wife while her husband slept by her side.

Thulani Ndlovu (36) broke into his neighbour’s house at around 3AM, stripped naked and began stroking the woman’s body as she slept.

A court yesterday heard how he fled naked, leaving his pair of red underpants, cell phone and jacket when the bewildered woman woke up and raised alarm.

The woman, the court heard, woke up to rebuke her “husband” for caressing her with cold hands and was shocked to see the man of the house sleeping peacefully by her side.
Man fondles neighbour sleeping next to husband
Ndlovu pleaded guilty to an unlawful entry charge before Western Commonage magistrate Mr Steven Ndlovu.

The magistrate remanded him in custody to tomorrow (Friday) for sentencing.

Prosecuting, Mr Kenneth Shava told the court that on Monday at around 3AM, Ndlovu sneaked into his neighbour’s bed.

“The accused person sneaked into the bed where the complainant was sleeping with her husband. He started fondling the complainant’s body.

“She thought it was her husband but realised that the hands were too cold. The complainant alerted her husband,” said Mr Shava.

He said when Ndlovu realised the woman’s husband was awake, he grabbed his trousers and fled.

Ndlovu told the court he gained entrance into the house through a toilet window which had no burglar bars.

He said getting into the bedroom was easy because there was a curtain for a door.

The victim said she realised that the hands fondling her were not those of her husband because they were “very cold”.

“I was so scared at this man’s courage to come into my house and try to sleep with me in front of my husband. He fled leaving behind his clothes and cell phone. I recognised him because he stays in our neighbourhood,” she said. The Chronicle

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