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Eight Signs He Wants Out Of The Relationship.

Guys aren’t known for making relationship conversations. They will always skip around the subject matters that girls want to talk about, whi...

Guys aren’t known for making relationship conversations. They will always skip around the subject matters that girls want to talk about, which is why when they do decide to break things off it often seems like its dropped out of the blue. 

But problem is, sometimes their decision to dump you comes way ahead of the actually action, so during this time they will act different around you until they pluck up the courage to tell you the bad news.

Experts say men actually do give away certain clues when they’re not feeling you anymore. If you are suddenly frequently seeing these signs then it may be time to have a chat with the boyfriend rather then prolonging these uncomfortable confusing moments with you man. A girl has a right to know if something is wrong. So lets go through some of the signs that gives them away when he may be thinking he wants out.

1: He overloads at work.When a relationship seems to be heading out the window, guys often tend to take on more work as they try to be around you less and less. Sure many guys love their job and do put the work in, but you will notice a sudden change of how much time he really puts into his work compared with before.

2: He’s stops inviting you to hang with his friends. When you first became a twosome, he wanted his bros to meet you and be jealous that he scored such a hot chick. But if he’s thinking you and he aren’t meant to be, he’ll start having more boys’ nights out leaving you at home more frequently and cancelling nights out with you.
Eight Signs He Wants Out Of The Relationship.
3: He keeps convos neutral. Notice you’re discussing negative things like the news and money issues more lately? These topics aren’t intimate, what happen to the funny positive things in life? This is a sign he may be distancing himself to have less of a bond with you. If he never talks positive to you about things or talks about you and him, sex, or romance, then it may be likely he’s getting bored of the relationship and would rather talk football or news, hmmm I think its time for a chat.

4: He boxes you out. Say you’re watching a movie together on the couch and his body is angled away from you—he’s sending you the message that he doesn’t feel intimate. Does he like being round you or is he always getting calls then zipping out? A guy who’s super into you will want to touch and engage you. He will love hanging out with you. If he’s not, his body language essentially takes over, blocking you out to convey that he’s feeling miles apart and would rather be elsewhere than with you.

5: He takes up time doing something else so he doesn’t have to make love. If you guys were the type to have sex at any time any place, anywhere then all of a sudden he starts to make excuses not to have it, then something is up. Sure you can have your off days or your not as new & excited but its been weeks now and nothing has changed.

6: Cuts off the any chance of loving when out. When he kisses you or holds your hand in public, he’s telling the world that you’re together—which he won’t want to do if he’s anticipates being single soon. Whether he’d act on it or not, he’s subconsciously demonstrating to any potential future interests in the area that you two are on shaky ground. But even worst he wont want to be seen with you to give others a reminder that you are still together.

7: He goes on these long quiet sessions with you for no reason. Men when they are not comfortable with a lady tend to go quiet. You may notice he is not the bubbly chatty boyfriend that he use to be and always seems quiet around you. But as soon as he answers his phone his personalty bursts back to life. Alarm bells are ringing honey!!!

8: He stops texting you the stupid little stuff or doesn’t talk to you on the phone like he use to. Guys usually text on a gut impulse—whatever they feel, when they feel it. Also he started to talk to you like a stranger on the phone, no personality, just grunts to get by on the conversation. A guy into his girl loves to check-in her to see if she’s alright, he will call during the day and usually at night to say good-night or to let you know he’s thinking of you. When this stops and you ain’t heard from him in days or even weeks it ain’t looking good.

Its never easy when relationships break down, but if you can salvage things its best to talk it over than deny the inevitable. If you have been through this do you have any tips on what you could have done better in the relationship or the best way to bring up these issues with your man.