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Ways To Keep The Spark Alive In Your Relationship

My husband and I got married almost a year ago. Although we are still bright-eyed newlyweds, we are definitely committed to keeping the spar...

My husband and I got married almost a year ago. Although we are still bright-eyed newlyweds, we are definitely committed to keeping the spark alive throughout the lifespan of our marriage.

What my husband and I have discovered is when we set a clear intention for having a loving and thrilling relationship and back it up with the intensity of our heart-felt emotions, our desires are manifested and your desires can come true too.

By following the following 5 tips will help you and your partner keep things fresh and exciting for years to come.
1. Get curious and playful. Let’s play a little game. Get curious and ask yourself where in your life could you incorporate more adventure and joy? Last year, I asked myself this very question and committed to adding more travel in my life.

As a result my husband and I went to Cinque Terre Italy on a whim earlier this year, and then I attended Mindvalley Awesomeness Fest in Costa Rica in 2015.

Moreover, I learned that gratitude increases your connection to joy, so I created a gratitude jar in my home and invited my husband, my family members and friends to write something they were grateful for on a post-it note and add it to the gratitude jar of joy.

2. Get creative & co-create with the universe. Last year, my husband and I were looking for our dream. We went through magazines to brainstorm the look and feel of our future place. Each morning, we meditated together to set the intention for our future home.

By simply getting into a joy-filled mindset it opened us up to abundance and opportunities beyond our wildest dreams. Within 2 weeks, we found our home.

3. Be timeless. In the past, my husband and I would keep our selves so busy that we had no extra time in our schedule for breaks or spontaneity. However, now my husband and I allow for timelessness to enter into our schedule.

Ways To Keep The Spark Alive In Your Relationship
We prioritize our self-care and date nights first and give ourselves open blocks of unscheduled time to do what we feel in the moment. Next we schedule our other tasks and demands around those blocks of time. This has allowed us to be more productive, happy and feel more revitalized.

4. Allow and be in the ebb and flow of life. Sometimes we try to micromanage our life and our relationships, which can block the natural and organic rhythms to guide the way. This can leave you feeling frustrated and depleted.

But when you get into an open mindset you allow for the ebb and flow of life, you can develop your intuition, and adapt and harmonize with life and your partner. 

5. Be present with your body. We sometimes are unconsciously so addicted to rushing around, that we have to remind ourselves to take our foot off the gas and take a look at the scenery. The toxic stress hormones build up and we start to feel overwhelmed and disconnected from our own bodies.

Creating rituals throughout your day to become more present with your body is key. In the morning, I express gratitude to every body part and thank my body for helping to support me throughout the day.

And with my husband, during intimate moments, we slow down and connect using loving eye contact and attuning our breath to one another to connect. This can help set the tone for deeper intimacy and love to grow.