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Top 10 Reasons For Divorce

As we strive to make things and processes simpler for an easy life, our relationships somehow are getting complex.  We might have found brea...

As we strive to make things and processes simpler for an easy life, our relationships somehow are getting complex. 

We might have found breakthroughs at understanding our world better but the tapestry of daily life have been losing meaning. Especially marriage, one of the most celebrated relationships in human life, has turned into a trial-and-error experiment. Here we take a closer look at those factors that leave such revered relation robbed of its depth.

Top 10 Reasons For Divorce

1. Infidelity
In a relationship where two people come together to share every aspect of self with a promise to stay committed life long, cheating or adultery kills the very life out of it. Having an affair outside marriage or philandering nature of a partner can leave the other emotionally and psychologically agonized. Even if the other tries to work things out, constant lack of commitment of the partner would eventually lead to divorce.

2. Too much arguing
Too much arguing
On a positive note, arguments are a part of every human relationship. The process of understanding each other sometimes lead to minor frictions but those frictions never wear out the strength of the union. But if arguments continue to happen and the two are not able to find common grounds over things that differentiate them then it may prove unhealthy for the relationship.

Marriage is not about ensuring same opinion or outlook on everything; it is more about agreeing to disagree where opinions differ.

3. Unrealistic expectations
Unrealistic expectations
Setting up unrealistic expectations is a disaster to any relation whether formal or personal. Marriage is one such relation where expectations usually run high. It is true that committing one’s life to someone is a huge step but it holds true for both partners. It is for both of them to grow together in the relationship and make life good for each other. 

4. Abuse
This one is as clear as it can be. Nobody will ever stay in a marriage which has the ugly element of domestic violence. However getting a divorce could be a tough process for victim of abuse. In such case it is crucial to make sure that one is safe of any possible danger that may arise on initiating the procedure.

5. Marrying too young
Marrying too young
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ‘nearly half of teenage marriages fail within the first fifteen years. That number drops to 35 percent for couples who marry in their mid-twenties.’ Marriage should be between two mature people who understand where both of them are coming from. The teen years and 20s are one’s years of learning and experimenting with life, and two young people who started on the same road may become different person over time.

6. Lack of equality
 Lack of equality
Marriage is all about two equals. Any sort of inequality whether financial or in terms of household responsibilities can create rifts. Once the feeling of inequality creeps into a partner’s mind it may become difficult to make it go away without a healthy communication between the two.

7. Losing self in the role playing
Losing self in the role playing
When a baby comes into the life of a married couple, they quickly adapt themselves to the new role of being a parent. Somehow in the process they start missing out on the fact they are a couple. Over the time both partners may grow so apart that they may not find anything in common to share or talk about. See Also; 10 Bizarre Wedding Rituals in Various Cultures.

8. Finances
Lack of finances may not be the root cause of divorce, but the difference of opinion on how and on what to spend money leads to troubled relationship. Especially if one partner is a spendthrift and other a saver, the arguments over money matters are totally unavoidable. Over time, these frictions increase to such extent that divorce seems the most practical way to sort it out. 

9. Communication gap
Communication gap
Lack of communication can infest any healthy marriage with worms of doubt, distrust, coldness and resentment. Given that women are usually more emotional and sensitive, they find it difficult to ignore stuff. And then the nature of bottling up! 

10. Differences in personal and career goals
Differences in personal and career goals
Having shared interests and exploring them together is essential for a successful marriage. However if the couples fail to find common interests whether personal or career related, they may start to grow apart. They will start living in their own shells and soon find that their marriage lacks meaning.