Friday, 20 November 2015

Florida woman attacks ex-lover after fight over sex position: Affidavit

A Florida woman's unsuccessful car sex romp put her in a bad position.

Wendy Luper, 45, was arrested after fighting her ex-husband on what sex position to be in, according to court records published by The Smoking Gun. She is charged with domestic battery for the sexual dispute, police said.
A car sex attempt turned violent after a couple couldn't agree on what sex position to be in.
Florida woman attacks ex-lover after fight over sex position: Affidavit
She and her ex-husband Michael Vaccaro went to a storage unit on Saturday afternoon to pick up some of his things. While parked, Luper undressed and asked if he wanted to have sex.

Wendy Luper attacked her ex-husband after she didn't want to lay on her back for him during sex, court records showed.

He gladly obliged, and asked his ex-wife to lay down. She refused to have sex on her back, and the scolded ex-husband didn't want to have sex in any other position, court documents showed.

The two ex-lovers started arguing, and Vaccaro walked away. When he came back, Luper told him to get his stuff out of her car and chucked an object at him, cutting his forehead open. He fell back from the hit, and Luper yelled at him to "f--- off." She then ran over his right foot while he was half-way in the car, according to her affidavit.

When cops arrived, the sexually frustrated ex-wife denied the attack, and told police Vaccaro wanted to have sex with her.

The couple was married for 12 years before their divorce, and re-united six months ago, records showed. Luper works as a housekeeper and was arrested in August after punching Vaccaro in the face, neck and arm after he didn't want to do the laundry.

She was released after posting a $750 bond, and will appear in court on Dec. 17.
Source: NYDailyNews

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