Saturday, 31 October 2015

Married woman confesses on radio that she has been having sex with dead men in mortuary for 3 years

A married woman who was interviewed on a radio station, pulled a shocker when she confessed that she has been actively having regular sexual intercourse with fresh dead men in the mortuary, once a week, for three years.

The woman, who was only identified as Rose, narrated that she was in a form of cult, was even bold enough to say she sees nothing wrong in what she was doing because she gets money and other favours from the terrestrial world.
Married woman confesses on radio that she has been having sex with dead men in mortuary for 3 years
When the interviewer asked her if she would need help to come out of the bizarre act, she was quick to say nothing would ever make her come out of it because she gets everything she wants from the dalliance with the dead.

It seemed it was the woman's husband who reported the issue to the radio station, asking them to intervene, but the wife would not back off, even saying that she would rather leave the husband whom she called a 'dog'.

Questioned why she engaged in the unspeakable act, she explained that it was because of the monetary and material rewards she gets once she does the sexual rituals.

Rose, who insists that she can't sleep with men for free and would rather sleep with a dead body, confessed to the Morning show radio presenter that she has been sleeping with fresh dead for three years now although she is married.

"I can't sleep with other men who can't pay for sex…I would rather sleep with dead men to raise a living," she was clear.

The woman claims that 4 years ago, she was very poor and that's when she sought the services of a witch doctor who told her that she had to sleep with dead men in order to get out of her poverty.

She also claims that she pays the mortuary attendant about R680 (US$50) every time she goes to the morgue to sleep with "warm bodies".

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