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‘Anointed’ Pens Practice Ruins Students

IT IS lamentable that Christianity continues to take a wrong path and it’s deeply sad that little can be done on the legal side except for C...

IT IS lamentable that Christianity continues to take a wrong path and it’s deeply sad that little can be done on the legal side except for Christians of goodwill to continue scripturally exposing the deception in order that the real truth of God may be known.

 Practices which are at absolute variance with the Bible have become endemic. The moral compass of Christianity seems to have been lost.
‘Anointed’ Pens Practice Ruins Students
In an incident that has set tongues wagging, a local prophet, Sham Hungwe, of House of Praise International Church has taken to selling what he calls “anointed pens.” The pens which normally cost 15 cents were sold at staggering rates ranging from $1 to $20 at his Machipisa, Highfield church last week. The prophet instructed the congregants to buy the pens and exercise faith in order to pass.

With Ordinary and Advanced Level exams in full swing this sweltering summer, the pens, reportedly, sold like hotcakes. Many parents bought the pens, with one parent even quoted saying, “My son is not very bright and I am sure with these he will pass.” It is surprising; one can have followers in almost anything they choose to do. Some former students allegedly gave testimonies of how they scored high points after using the anointed pens consequently drawing many to purchase the ballpoint pens.

Now, while many have condemned the practice, it is imperative to understand why the practice is at odds with true biblical teaching. Condemnation should not be driven by hatred or mere ridicule. The philosophy of anointed pens deserves closer scrutiny as it can be very dangerous and misleading to students.

In fact, it can be said that the prophet’s practice is setting a very wrong precedent to students. The manner in which it’s being done bolsters the extremely wrong notion that God supports reaping without sowing. This is exactly the same trouble with miracle money as I have pointed out in several writings. It makes God contradict his own established principle for, He says, “As long as earth endures, the principle of seedtime and harvest will always endure. (Genesis 8:22).

The principle cannot be altered today by someone claiming to have power to impart intelligence to students who were busy dodging classes and smoking dagga throughout the year. The concept of anointing is certainly being mutilated for personal gain. The Bible, in any case, is very much against the selling of anything that imparts God’s blessing for, it instructs in Matthew 10:7 “… freely you have received, freely give.” It naturally raises a stink when a supposed prophet cashes in on items purportedly carrying God’s blessings.

The concept of anointing should be properly understood. Anoint is a biblical term meaning to smear or rub over with oil or an unctuous substance for consecration purposes. The origin of anointing was from a practice of shepherds. Lice and other insects would often get into the wool of sheep. So, ancient shepherds poured oil on the sheep’s head. This made the wool slippery, making it impossible for insects to get near the sheep’s ears because the insects would slide off. From this, anointing became symbolic of blessing, protection and empowerment.

To anoint is thus to consecrate for office or religious service. In Bible times, people, particularly kings, were anointed with oil to signify God’s blessing or call on that person’s life (2 Kings 9:6; James 5:14). And it must be strongly grasped that the oil is itself not some magic fabrication but it was only symbolic of what God was doing or bringing upon a person. It did not excuse anyone from the grind of everyday living principles.

With the full anointing, shepherds still tended cattle. With full anointing, Jesus Christ himself still walked long distances on foot. With full anointing, the Apostle Paul had to fend for himself by repairing tents. Anointing is no short cut to work in this life.

It is very regrettable that Christianity has been brought to a low where people play with the sacred name of God in egocentric ventures. God never meant for any paraphernalia, whether wrist bands or stickers, to replace his name. He has made it evident in his word that people should call upon his name not to place faith in inanimate substances as is being encouraged by the so-called men of God.

There is no substitute to the seedtime harvest principle. People, whether nations or groups must work for their livelihoods. The gospel of instant success as espoused in anointed pens and miracle money is indeed misleading and counters godly teaching. It is a direct promotion of laziness amongst students. Students should be encouraged to work hard and forgo pleasures and instant gratification.

Each time Jesus healed a crippled person, he often asked whether one believed. It was critical for a person to believe before they were healed. Likewise, it is critical for students to have put in hard work in their studies before they can be consecrated to pass unlike passing a blanket amnesty to all students. It sends an absolute wrong message and should be discouraged.

Remember this is the Last Hour.

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