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UK woman claims sectioned after finding hubby in bed with lover

UK-BASED businessman, Byron Fundira, won the entrepreneur of the year award at the prestigious Zimbabwe Achievers Awards in 2013. But this...

UK-BASED businessman, Byron Fundira, won the entrepreneur of the year award at the prestigious Zimbabwe Achievers Awards in 2013.

But this week he found himself the target of torrents of scorn and venomous abuse on social networking sites after his wife posted a video on Facebook telling the world she had found him in bed - with a lover - at their marital home - with their minor kids around.
Celebrated entrepreneur ... Byron Fundira

Yet what enraged Gaynor Chaluwa Fundira (pictured right) even more, she added, was Byron’s frozen-hearted decision to use her past struggles with mental health to have her compulsorily committed to a psychiatric hospital after she rightly threw a rumpus over the flagrant outrage of finding her husband in flagrante delicto in their matrimonial home with their three minor children present.

She explained: “I flipped, I was so mad, I was so angry! … What mother wouldn’t be mad; what woman wouldn’t be?”

The shame of it, or so you’d think. spoke to Fundira on Tuesday night. “None of it true at all,” he said.

He denied bringing a lover into the couple’s High Wycombe home in the UK’s Buckinghamshire area. Instead, he explained, a weekend-long disagreement over whether or not to engage child minder because of long-standing issues between the couple spiralled completely out of control.

“My wife has mental health problems. She was diagnosed in 2011 and put on medication. The problem is that she does not take her medication regularly, complaining that it makes her feel like a zombie and, unfortunately, this causes relapses,” he said.
Victim of terrible injustice? ... Gaynor Chaluwa Fundira

“So when we had this disagreement over the child minder; the way she reacted by going berserk, screaming at the top of her voice and throwing things out through the window … I thought these could be tell-tale signs of another relapse and decided I had to act fast to help her.

“I explained to her that she had not been taking her medication and that she needed to go to hospital. I tried to make her understand that this was the right thing to do. But she became bitter and managed to abscond from the hospital on Monday.

“The next thing is I was getting phone calls from friends and relatives around 4AM on Tuesday saying she had put the video on Facebook claiming to have found me in bed at our house with a girlfriend.”

More about Fundira’s side of the story later; below is Gaynor’s video explaining what happened and how she ended up being sectioned at the behest of her husband …