Thursday, 9 May 2019

Breaking News - President Paul Biya Says He Is Ready For Dialogue

Cameroon President Paul Biya has now announced through his Prime Minister, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute as he visits Bamenda that he, Paul Biya is now ready for dialogue.

From all sides, one can easily tell that TIME IS RUNNING OUT! As you see, the preachers of the gospel of Cameroon being a SOVEREIGN NATION are beginning to realise that the too is a GLOBAL VILLAGE.

In just some few days from now, the United Nations Security Council will be discussing the ways the regime has handled the crisis in Southern Cameroon which has claimed thousands of deaths, thousands of internally displaced persons, thousands of refugees in neighbouring countries, thousands in the bushes including women and children, and the complete breakdown of the economic, educational and socio-cultural lives of the people.
Breaking News - President Paul Biya Says He Is Ready For Dialogue
As time is probably no more on the side of the regime, given the pressures coming from home and abroad, cosmetic moves are being made so as to save face.

If the regime is serious about the need for dialogue, the following should be the preliminary:

1. Release of Sissikou Ayuk Tabe and all connected to the Southern Cameroon crisis.

2. Partial withdrawal of the military from the Southern Cameroon territories.

3. Release of ALL political prisoners

4. Involvement of a third party

5. Dismissal of Mr. Bernard Okalia Bilai as governor of the South West region.

6. The message of Apology from the president on National TV.

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