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Pastor Joshua Iginla's Marriage Crashes As He Confesses To Congregation That He and Wife Committed Adultery

A popular pastor named Joshua Iginla recently took the bull by the horn by coming out to openly confess to his sins. But he was not the onl...

A popular pastor named Joshua Iginla recently took the bull by the horn by coming out to openly confess to his sins. But he was not the only one guilty of sinning. 

His wife was just as reprehensible as he was. Apparently, the duo had cheated and had romantic relationships outside their marriage.

The pastor who had been haunted a while by the supposed sin of adultery that he and his wife were committing on a steady took to confessing before his congregation during a Sunday service.

According to him, they had not committed infidelity, they had also given birth to children outside their marriage. Given what the pastor said, his wife was the first one to cheat on him. Then, he took up the mantle and continued.

Even before that, Joshua Iginla hinted that his wife lied about her genotype. She told him she was AA while they were together. Later, he got to know that she was actually AS after finding out that the genotype of their first child is SS.
Pastor Joshua Iginla
But he did not even mind the lie. They still lived on happily. Later, she went on to cheat on him and have another child outside wedlock. This betrayal hurt him so bad that it took the intervention of family members to reconcile him with his wife.

However, the reconciliation did not stop him from going outside the confines of his marriage to also have a child elsewhere.

It was after his wife discovered that he had a child outside wedlock that trouble really began in the house. According to Iginla, she started blackmailing him and making life unbearable.

Read his words below:

"Maybe I might be the first man of God doing this... I want you to throw your stones at me, abuse me, insult me, I will receive it. But I want to stay alive, if not for you, for myself. I and your mother in the lord, we met, we had a wonderful marriage.

"Before we started, we did genotype tests. I was AA and she was AS. We had our first daughter and eventually we discovered that she was sickle cell anemia...

"I embraced my daughter and we had a good time with my family. I flowed with my wife and everything was okay... One thing led to another and something happened... and what happened is what will make a man to divorce a woman scripturally. I had a backing for that. I had to cover it up to make sure that my marriage moved with my mother.

“When my wife cheated and had an ‘unholy’ child, I covered her up but when mine happened, she started blackmailing me.

"This is why I urge us to pray for our leaders. Its not easy for me to come out in public to say this, but I warned my wife, she didn’t listen rather she preferred to turn me to a laughing stock.”

The bottom line of his confession was that he intended to divorce his wife due to the blackmail coming from her and others who knew his secrets.
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