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AT LONG LAST.. Phillip Chiyangwa's HIV status revealed.

Harare businessman Phillip Chiyangwa's documented HIV status has been published. Mr Chiyangwa released papers he says "show" t...

Harare businessman Phillip Chiyangwa's documented HIV status has been published. Mr Chiyangwa released papers he says "show" that he is HIV negative.

The papers record a named person "Phillip Chiyangwa" as having been blood tested at the Savvas Medical Centre, 114N Nelson Mandela Avenue, Harare.

A receipt slip records him having paid $10 for the test said to have been conducted on the 9th January 2015.

AT LONG LAST.. Phillip Chiyangwa's HIV status revealed.

The test results have however not been independently corroborated. Efforts to confirm their authenticity on Tuesday failed as well as a receptionist at the Savvas Medical centre replied saying, "blood test results are a private matter than cannot be shared with the media."

The results come after a former girlfriend of the businessman, reportedly charged at him alleging that he is HIV positive. Mr Chiyangwa says that the named lover attempted extortion on him.

In July last year, Chiyangwa was caught up in nasty domestic spat involving paternity tests of his two minor children with a Harare woman Pamela Rusere. The woman hogged the headlines last year after claiming a whopping $13 million as maintenance for the children Trevor (8) and Jayden (2). The woman claimed that Chiyangwa had infected her with HIV.

However, in his opposing affidavit, Chiyangwa dismissed Rusere's claims. Chiyangwa also said Rusere should not be taken seriously as she has the tendency of misleading the court.

"She once told the media I was HIV positive and infected her with the same virus after which I disproved this by producing proof that I was HIV negative and still am," he said.

Rusere said she was Chiyangwa's girlfriend since 1998 until the property developer paid lobola to her family in 2013.

The wealthy businessman has also previously dated Big Brother loser Makosi Musambasi for two years.

Chiyangwa -- who dated Makosi for two years -- has previously defended the former cardiac nurse when she was criticised for having unprotected sex and engaging in lesbian kissing orgies on British television.

On 29 April 2013, controversial and Faceless Facebook blogger, Baba Jukwa pulled a shocker when he claimed that Chiwangwa was armed with fake HIV tests results.

"Fellow Zimbabweans, especial women and young girls, please be extremely careful on Phillip Chiyangwa. The man is bad news now he has 30 children with 26 women what saddens me is that the man is HIV positive and moves around with a fake negative result luring young girls telling them that he his negative he even has medical doctors who are on his payroll to prove this to unsuspecting women. Sarah Frankis one of his baby mamas is positive and a mother to 3 year old Jordan and resides at no 28 Lemington road, Greystone park, business address furniture and clothing café 4 Fletcher road Mount Pleasant," reads the first part of the unedited message Baba Jukwa published in April 2013.

In January last year Chiyangwa blasted UK-based news website Nehanda Radio and its owner Lance Guma with a whooping US$250 Million lawsuit. This was afterNehanda Radio had published an article, according to Chiyangwa, alleging that the flamboyant businessman was suffering from a terminal sexually transmitted disease, was a corrupt businessman, and that his wealth was ill-gotten.

As part of his weapon of mass destruction against Nehanda Radio and its owner, Chiyangwa last year claimed that he was HIV negative basing his assertions on what he said were a January laboratory test results, basically similar to what he has just provided again today.

In his suit, Chiyangwa attached his January 30, 2014 HIV test results done at Lancet Clinical Laboratories Zimbabwe showing that he was HIV negative.

Before suing Nehanda Radio, Chiyangwa had received a phone call from Guma who is based in London over the story of a girl Chiyangwa is alleged to have impregnated and dumped. Chiyangwa was probably unaware he was being recorded and blew his top and called the veteran Journalist Musatanyoko, a very hurtful insult(a reference to the genitalia of one's mother) in Zimbabwe.

In the telephone conversation, Chiyangwa had no kind words for Lance Guma. This is part of what Chiyangwa told Guma: "....manufacturing stories of my life as if you know me if you have got nothing to do with your life, then stay in England, don't f*ck around and call me, never call this number, Musatanyoko wamai vako, you call this number to look for me as if you got something special to offer the people, unotaura sh!t everyday.... You are a stupid fool, idiot, you have no money, I don't report to you...."

Towards the end of 2013, Chiyangwa's marriage narrowly escaped an irretrievable collapse after his wife filed for divorce and demanded 85 percent of their wealth which includes a vast portfolio of properties. Elizabeth Chiyangwa, who married the flamboyant entrepreneur in 1988, wanted out saying the marriage had irretrievably broken down and accusing her husband of flagrant infidelity. In her court papers, Elizabeth revealed that Chiyangwa owns more than 200 houses and stands combined as well as a cluster of 120 units of residential stands in Bluffhill whose value is about $6 MIllion among other properties and companies worth millions of dollars.

Although she wanted to divorce her husband on allegations of being cheated so much, Chiyangwa however managed to restore order in his marriage and Elizabeth eventually came back home.

Whether Chiyangwa's HIV test results are real or not, As MY Zimbabwe News we believe that's his personal confidentiality, provided the results, be they real or not, are not used to manipulate anyone either sexually or otherwise.