Saturday, 13 October 2018

'Personal Pastor' Paula White says Trump Serious About Faith - Even If Not Fluent In 'Christianese'

The exuberant, pugnacious, crockery-smashing billionaire president Americans elected in November 2016 is a much different man behind closed doors.

Take it from the woman dubbed President Trump’s “personal pastor.”

The Donald Trump that Florida evangelical minister Paula White sees is a good listener, a man who takes his faith seriously while not always being fluent in “Christianese” and, unlike so many of his predecessors, a politician who has kept his promises to faith voters and evangelical Christian groups after he won the presidency with the help of their votes.

“A lot of evangelicals have grown accustomed to feeling used by the political process,” Ms. White said in an interview at The Washington Times this week before heading to yet another White House meeting. “Every politician appeals to us, every one wants to hear us out during the campaign, but then things change once they get into office.”
President Donald Trump smiles as pastor Paula White prepares to lead the room in prayer.
Mr. Trump, she said, is “just different.”

“He genuinely listened to us, and he genuinely cared,” she said, recalling hours of closed-door spiritual sessions at Trump Tower that Mr. Trump held with a broad array of faith leaders as he weighed campaigns for the presidency in 2012 and 2016. “He wasn’t asking for an endorsement or a contribution.

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