Monday, 17 September 2018

Caf President Ahmad Throws Doubt On Cameroon Hosting 2019 Afcon

A recent outing of CAF president Ahmad Ahmad on Cameroon’s hosting capacities has shed more controversy as to whether or not the competition will be entertained by Paul Biya’s nation.

The uncertainty hovering over Cameron’s un-readiness infrastructure wise to host the CAN 2019 competition, has pushed Ahmad Ahmad to call upon the audience to wait upon CAF’s final decision “and you will hear the position of CAF” by September end.

The President shared his views to Radio France International in an interview recently carried out in Niger.
Caf President Ahmad Throws Doubt On Cameroon Hosting 2019 Afcon
The CAF president precise that, “it is not CAF who withdraws the organization of competitions from a country, but the country herself who might be unprepared according to CAF prescriptions, thus a country who is not ready should withdraw”.

Nevertheless, he makes it clear that CAF’s decision on Cameroon’s capability of hosting CAN 2019 will only be heard by the end of this month.

Cameroon News Today-CNT recalls that that, on August 21 the president of CAF expressed his in satisfaction and doubt’s towards Cameroon as her infrastructural facilities were not up to task and could not be adjusted in time.

It does not change that, Cameroon remains the best country to host this 2019 CAN competition due to her football history and glories.

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