Monday, 13 August 2018

Chamisa’s Team Insists Con-Court Application On Time As Zanu PF Files Opposing Papers

The MDC Alliance has scoffed as ruling Zanu PF party claims that the opposition’s court challenge against last month’s presidential elections missed the Constitutional Court’s (ConCourt) deadline and should, thus, be dismissed.

In a statement Sunday, MDC Alliance presidential chief election agent James Timba told the ruling party and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to stop obsessing about a desist “non-existent technicality”.

Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa claims ZEC manipulated the election results in favour of Zanu PF leader and incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Chamisa wants the (Con-Court) to either declare him the winner or order a fresh election.

Zanu PF legal secretary Paul Mangagwa claimed Sunday that Chamisa’s application which was filed last Friday missed the top court’s deadline.
Chamisa’s Team Insists Con-Court Application On Time As Zanu PF Files Opposing Papers
He further claimed that the opposition had failed to serve Mnangagwa with the papers at his given address and urged the Con-Court to through the out the opposition’s challenge.

Has Mnangagwa abdicated?

Responding however, Timba said Zanu PF should instead focus on explaining how “they grossly manipulated the election in favour of Mnangagwa”.

“President Mnangagwa was served with the petition on Friday the same day when the application was filed, so was ZEC,” Timba said in a statement.

“On the advice of his Munhumutapa office, the papers were duly accepted on his behalf by the Attorney General’s office.

“Mr Mnangagwa might not be aware of this, but as is the norm with either Zanu PF or their government, the left hand does not always know what the right hand is doing.

“Soldiers can go into the street and shoot unarmed people with the top leadership claiming no knowledge.”

Timba also warned Mnangagwa’s lawyer to stop instructing the Courts on what to do.

“Mnangagwa’s legal advisor Paul Mangwana must not try to clutch onto straws and or hide behind a broken finger,” said the opposition politician.

“He must also be reminded that he cannot instruct the court on what to do. Mangwana is suggesting to Zimbabweans that President Mnangagwa as the de facto President post the November coup cannot be found at the Munhumutapa offices.

“Has he (Mnangagwa) abdicated?”

Zanu PF is expected to file its opposing papers to Chamisa’s application on Monday morning.

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