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Upenyu and Blessing Mashangwa Of Oceane Perfumes and The Magaya Saga -- Madhiri Ema Prophets

At PHD ministries one of our agenda at the moment is to deal with The business couple (Upenyu and Blessing Mashangwa of Oceane Perfumes) tha...

At PHD ministries one of our agenda at the moment is to deal with The business couple (Upenyu and Blessing Mashangwa of Oceane Perfumes) that sued Prophet Magaya for $2million. In march Prophet Magaya called us for a meeting his actual words were "pane arikuda kunditamba chiEubert Angel" what should we do?

As a ministry we are aware that one of the things that destroyed Prophet Angel of Spirit Embassy was the issue of a car (the Bentley) and unfulfilled promises, based on these facts alone our mandate right now is to crush this couple totally. Not everyone can afford Jonathan Samkange, we therefore have to destroy their main source of income which we believe to be Oceane Perfumes, we have been digging endlessly for all of their disputes with other people we dont care if they are true or false we are publishing it all in the newspapers. Prophet Magaya is using his popularity, power and money to influence the publication of these articles, each article must state Upenyu and Blessing Mashangwa of Oceane perfumes.

By Madhiri Ema Prophets
(Ask Stanley Gama Editor of the Daily news and Brian Chitemba -Investigations Editor of the sunday Mail they are on Prophet Magaya's pay roll and this is a fact. On the articles of the $116,000 we paid papers to continously publish those articles (ask Tendai Rupapa - Herald's court reporter), she was paid by Chatambudza to push the article in every paper, Prophet Magaya's lawyer. Chatambudza is the one who is used to pay off people,ask Godfrey Gomwe who was given money to stop the Zanu Pf youths from demonstrating against Prophet Magaya during the issue of Vapostori. As a ministry we are very aware there was no fraud committed by this couple, they just had a misunderstanding with Prophet Magaya when he delayed with their payment and they decided to sue him.But this is war and in war all weapons must be used. The fraud charges were brought up after the couple had already sent summons to the Prophet demanding full payment for kombis they had supplied and they had demanded for their Discovery 4 back. As for us we don't know the truth concerning the Discovery 4 but we can confirm for sure the couple was given a prophecy of an airline, Gilbert Mafusire told everyone who cared to listen that the prophet had seen an airline deal upon the couple.
Upenyu and Blessing Mashangwa Of Oceane Perfumes
Upenyu Mashangwa brought everything that is happening to him and his family upon himself, When he became close to Prophet Magaya he thought he was the best thing to ever happen to Magaya and PHD ministries, with his top of the range cars he would arrive at Prophet Magayas house and office, never would he speak to anyone and quickly be ushered into the Prophets office.We were instructed that anytime he arrives he had to be allowed to see the Prophet, many of us were not sure of his intentions for it seemed like his mission was to become Prophet Magaya's right hand man and remove those who were already close to Magaya. It also appeared as though Prophet Magaya wanted to make him his right hand man forgetting the people who had started with him mainly because of Mashangwa's wealth.They spent a lot of time together behind closed doors. At times they would drive off together and return later.At times what surprised us was he knew exactly were the Prophet would be,whether he is at home,office or church. Mashangwa never wanted to talk much with some of us, which gave us the impression that he was an arrogant chap, because of this more leaders in our church are more than happy to help the Prophet to destroy Mashangwa.

The saddest issue is in Prophet Magaya's quest for survival ,he is willing to do anything.On the 15th of March Magaya through Mai Majachani (She makes sure that noone interferes with Prophet Magaya's operation) of CID Homicide, a team of 4 armed people was sent to the Mashangwa's residence to capture them and leave them in the hands of Mai Majachani. We got the following details from a very reliable source who is with one of the local newspapers who has been frustrated by his superiors eveytime he has tried to publish the story.Facts are that it is on record with Borrowdale Brooke Estate security that at around 18:07 The following police officers, Detective Sergeant M Nyangoni a member of PHD Ministries (Force Number 049065F) cell 0772895648 Detective Sergeant Muuya (0425215) cell 0772898096 Detective Sergeant C Maramba cell 0774506509 and Detective Sergeant A Chirombo cell 0772854161 as recorded at the security gate of the estate, arrived at the estate driving a Mercedes Benz E -Class reg number ADL 6177, saying they had been sent from the CID Homicide department. On arrival at the Mashangwa residence according to a local reporter Mrs Blessing Mashangwa went to the gate were she was threatened to surrender recordings which they had recorded prophet Magaya admitting he owed them money,as well as other conversations that are said to sensitive of nature and could bring real problems politically for the Prophet. They were also given papers to sign acknowledging that they had received their payments in full, and they had to sign an affidavit which was saying they were given money to purchase the Discovery 4. Reports have since been made at Borrowdale Police Station and Police General Headquarters Internal investigations Department. There have been threats from Prophet Magaya to the couple one which was send the exact date Magaya received summons from Honourable Jonathan Samkange which reads

"Urikuratidza kusanzwisisa, tichakugadzirisa chaizvo, iwe nemukadzi wako nevana vako, hauna kwekutizira mapurisa ndeedu, mareporters ndeedu, mapoliticians ndeedu uri chii iwe munyika muno zvekuti ungarwisa munhu waurikurwisa, hausati watanga kubuda mumapaper patinopedza newe unenge usisiri chinhu, Iyi Hondo haufe wakakunda. Ndiwe uchafa. Takuyambira.

We have information after too many threats the couple left the country with their children for over a month.

The question that comes to mind, is where is Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri when all this is happening.These guys are abusing state facilities and offices to push their personal agendas and for three months nothing has been done.

These are the Prophets of today, they are real Mafia and Prophets all in one. Let Upenyu and Blessing Mashangwa be warned that they are not safe, the church know most of their movements and we know where their children learn.

From now warn them they should not speak to any reporter as these people are being sent by Magaya to gather information of how much incriminating evidence they have against the Prophet. Some of the evidence they are giving to reporters is being sold to Magaya. They are safer quiet if the matter is to heard before the courts. They are even better off dropping charges.
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