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Heated Saga Between Makandiwa and Mashangwa -- This Is The Letter That Makandiwa Does Not Want To Read

As proven by the heated saga between Makandiwa and the Directors of Oceane Perfumes it is very true what is said that, when someone is in yo...

As proven by the heated saga between Makandiwa and the Directors of Oceane Perfumes it is very true what is said that, when someone is in your life only for financial gain, the day you cut the benefits they were getting from you, they will become your biggest enemy and they are likely to attack your persona. 

Sunday Mail confirmed in yesterday paper, having seen receipts of tithe amounting to $24,000 per month that Makandiwa was receiving from the perfume couple between 2011 and 2016.

By Madhiri Ema Prophets
Facts gathered so far are that, on February 7 realizing the extent of the damage that was being caused by the unwarranted attacks from Makandiwa. Mrs Blessing Mashangwa wrote a letter to Prophet Makandiwa which reads:

“After serving you diligently for 5 years the least I expect is for our end to be filled with this much controversy and backlash. You are a man I have too much respect for and you happened to have married a woman I love in a way I have not loved many people. As i come to you to air my grievances my prayer for you is, may God give you the insight & heart to understand that we live in a world where no one is perfect, and as long as we are all not perfect it will always be a world of ironing out issues. As big as God is he says to us all come, let us reason together, meaning talk is necessary & issues must be cleared.
Heated Saga Between Makandiwa and Mashangwa -- This Is The Letter That Makandiwa Does Not Want To Read
After seeing what was written on a page that is so obvious it is administered by your office I have had the time to sit and reflect on my journey with you, & I feel it’s time you know, I feel you have abused us, robbed us, taken us for granted and afflicted pain on us. With all the commitment and Love we had towards you, it should not have been you to betray us the way you did. It’s unfortunate those who are powerful, believe they can oppress the weak but I believe this one principle of life always stands, after all the good we did in UFIC, you can never repay good with evil and win…” (To be continued)

The tiff started when the couple left UFIC in July 2016 and went back to celebration church. Angered by the move, Makandiwa then penned a story in the Herald entitled THE IMPORTANCE OF A GOOD NAME" and wrote.

"When your name is tarnished you lose customers just because of a name that is not good. You need just one paper to write badly about you and say you are selling rotten chickens and that is the end of your career. You need one person who can move around telling people your perfumes can cause cancer and once that news begins to spread your company will begin to go down".

This didn't go well with the couple who are into perfumes and Blessing Mashangwa who had started a chicken project with her sister. 

On 3 February a Facebook page entitled The Truth about Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa published what they called "the truth commission" in which the page dished dirty laundry about the Mashangwa's private life, and the page went on to claim all the 5 givers who had left UFIC were dining with the devil. As a desperate plan, Makandiwa plotted to have the couple arrested on allegations of kidnapping. It is said the kidnapping plot was carried by Munyaradzi Rukato who is a UFIC bouncer, Rukato is currently in courts for another case of abuse and violence towards another church member. Munyaradzi Rukato took a young man to the Mashangwa residence seeking accommodation. The couple took the man in unsuspecting of the kidnapping charges that were being cooked by UFIC. They were surprised when the police pounced on them and they were arrested. The charges of kidnapping were withdrawn by the police after a video was published which cleared the couple from kidnapping charges.

The intention of the letter to Makandiwa from Mrs Mashangwa was for both parties to sit down and iron issues in private. It is said Makandiwa refused to meet with the couple and realising that Makandiwa’s attitude was not that of reconciliation and probably a reason for him to continue attacking them , the Mashangwas then engaged a lawyer to recover everything they put in UFIC because Makandiwa had proved to be an ungrateful receiver who advocates for strife and mudslinging rather than peace.

On ZimEye Live interview the couple revealed how much they never wanted any bad blood between themselves and UFIC because the body of Christ is not about fighting one another. They also narrated how they gave UFIC church members their products to sell after Makandiwa had asked those who were unemployed to join Oceane as sales agents. It is mentioned that most of those church members didn't not pay for the products and they were prejudiced of $116,000 which was a big loss to them but for the sake of peace they didn't sue or institute legal proceedings against anyone who had joined through Makandiwa’s so called advertising.

Our sources have promised the full letter that was written to Makandiwa which we will publish once we receive it. 

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