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Ivan Semwanga's Foster Dad, Apologizes For Remarks He Made To Zari Hassan

Security in and outside the church was tight with both uniformed and plain clothes operatives scattered all over. They were three entries, ...

Security in and outside the church was tight with both uniformed and plain clothes operatives scattered all over. They were three entries, left for the ladies, middle, red carpet, and the right entrance was for the gents, no caps were allowed. For security reasons, the service started earlier than announced.

By 11 o'clock, the time that was officially announced was when, Pinto Semwanga, [their child] was concluding the first reading.

"He was a businessman and friend to all, it's a pity he is gone," The clergy said.

CBS presenter, Meddie Nsereko, was up next to preside over the session of putting flowers on the casket. Zari, the kids, Semwanga family and Zari family in that order put on flowers.

Notable among those present was Minister for ICT Aidah Erios Nantaba who told mourners that due to a busy schedule, she won't be available tomorrow for burial in Kayunga, but was quick to add;

"When the President talks of Uganda achieving the middle income status, It's people like Ivan Semwanga who would be instrumental in driving the country in this direction, but he is no more. The good thing is that he brought the money back home through charities and other activities."
Ivan Semwanga's Foster Dad, Apologizes For Remarks He Made
"It hurts me when media, instead of highlighting such achievements end up writing about the girls he has dated, the snake, the Illuminati theories leaving out the good things. Last year, he had plans of putting up schools in Kayunga and he had approached us, but that has not been accomplished."

Others who attended included Bebe cool and his wife Zuena Kirema, King Saha whose dress code was fit for a football match in Nambole and Weasel who some locals were confusing for his elder brother Pallaso.
Zari and her relatives that included her mom, dad and sisters took to the floor, "We should not fight, both families should work together. Zari, please seek guidance from the Kirumira's, you should not allow to be fooled there are lots of bafere's read [conmen] these days,'' Zari's relative who introduced himself as the 'MUKO' said using the Lusoga local dialect attracting wild cheers from the mourners.

Zari spoke right after him. "I knew he was going to die and I will not mourn him, I have cried from the time he was in hospital, I'm now strong, I will only celebrate his life. I will raise the 3 boys, my mom raised me single handedly, so I will do it. I moved on Ivan did not. I used to warn him about the binge drinking, but all he could say was, Mama Pinto, Life is too short, live everyday like there is no tomorrow. It didn't make sense then, it now does that he is dead," Zari said.
Ivan Semwanga's Foster Dad, Herbert Luyinda, apologized to mourners. He could not speak due to his BP that had shot, his message was read;

"I will look after Ivan's children. Ivan's dad, George Semwanga, died in 1994 and left him [Ivan] under my custody, Ivan has died and left me with his children, I will look after them, I will look after, I will look after them. I'm sorry on behalf of the family, we should work together as a family...let's give Ivan a descent send off...till we meet again, bye Ivan."

The church took over with the day's sermon and at about 1:00pm, the service ended with the Buganda and the Uganda anthems. Zari was moving in a fleet of three black Land Cruiser V8's commonly known as 'Mpenkoni' alongside Jack Pemba who was cruising in a white-audi convertible, it was surrounded by guys who demanded that he chops some dollars lest they don't allow the vehicle to move, he was rescued by bouncers.