Thursday, 1 June 2017

Herald Website Sparks Debate -- Prophet Magaya's Benevolence Eclipses Everything

Prophet Walter Magaya’s decision to house the Warriors at his plush hotel complex in Harare and declaration that the national team was more important to him than his club Yadah Stars triggered a lot of debate on The Herald website yesterday.

The football-mad prophet has availed his newly-constructed VVIP suites at Yadah Hotel in Waterfalls to the Warriors for their training camp ahead of the 2019 AFCON qualifier against Liberia.

Magaya is also providing the players and coaches with food and training ground while also taking care of all their refreshment needs and laundry concerns.

He told reporters on Tuesday, as he welcomed the Warriors to his villas, that the national team was more important to him than his Yadah Stars who are in the domestic Premiership.

And, as is usually the case with a story involving Magaya, the article generated a lot of interest and had more comments on The Herald website than any other sports story we published yesterday.
Herald Website Sparks Debate -- Prophet Magaya's Benevolence Eclipses Everything
While many showered the prophet with praise, others though, chose to see the negative side and here are some of the comments.

ELIAH “There is nothing wrong in supporting the Warriors in cash or in kind but I think it brings a bit of confusion on where your heart is. Could it be because after trying all tricks you have finally realised that your guys are going nowhere hence the change in allegiance. Which is which here?’’

SABHUKU “Iwe (ELIAH) unongoshorawo shamwari. Ko kungopembedzawo pagonekwa nemwana weumwe munhu unofa here? Chokwadi Marshal Munhumumwe akareva kuti tisu toga vatema tazviuraira rudzi rwedu.’’
GULALIKABILI “Kokungotaurawo zvakanaka kana umwe agona tisina kuisa mashoko ekushora hazvigoneke here. Murume uyu ini anondishamisa anorudo rukuru, hapana munhu akasikwa namwari asina zvipomerwa. Anoda nyika yake ipapo hatimbomutorera chipo chake ichocho.’’
WIDZO “That’s the problem with most Zimbabweans, even in families it happens, kusvora zvakanaka zvaitwa neumwe. Why not appreciate what Magaya has done for the country and thank him? Hapana kana zvaunombobva mukutenda. Just a thank you is enough. Thank you Magaya.’’

AVATAR “You are all missing the point here ,the guy is denigrating his club in preference to the Warriors, read first sentence and I did not plant this into his speech. The point remains unchanged that following recent poor performance by the Yaddering Stars the man of cloth may be trying to find solace in Warriors funding, which by all forms of reasoning is a commendable thing to do.’’

ZIM “You are an enemy of progress (Avatar) . . . Go to hell.’’

SABHUKU Prophet Magaya has always been helping both the Mighty Warriors and the Warriors even before Yadah Stars was promoted into the PSL. Moreover, he is still the owner and funder of Yadah Stars, but he is just someone who usually extends his hand to assist whenever he is able. Saka musarege godo neruvengo richikutadzisai kuwona zvakanaka kana zvaitwa nevana vevamwe vehama.’’

MDAWINI MKOSI “Well done Mr Magaya.’’
MWANA WE YADAH “Thank you Prophet for all that you have done for our beautiful Zimbabwe. Harisi bhora chete ramabatsira, school fees dzevana vezvikoro, zvipatara kuParirenyatwa, munodadisa munhu waMwari.

“Panenge poda kunyadziswa zita reZimbabwe, munosimuka mogadzirisa, maita basa Mwari akukomborerei.

“Vanoshora, magara munongoshora, hazvisi zvaProphet Magaya chete zvamunoshora . . . chero kudzimba dzenyu, vana venyu, madzimamai enyu munongoshora kana vaita zvakana, hatinetsekani nemi nekuti ndizvo zvamuri chere kupi, vane meso anongoona zvakaipa basi.’’

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